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LCD Games: Alien Invasion

IMPORTANT NOTE: this game requires Apple Watch!
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Games $2.99 Light Pillar Software Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

You are Commander Snafu, you've bungled your attempt to take over the Earth because your army of aliens cannot survive in Earth's atmosphere. Your troops are fleeing and need collecting before they explode in the vacuum of space. Save them and maybe you can salvage your career you incompetent fool.

Alien Invasion is a frantically paced Apple Watch game in the style of a classic LCD handheld game from the 1980's . Use the digital crown to move your ship. Collect aliens before they explode.

Includes two game modes, GAME A for beginners and GAME B to skip straight to the action for advanced players.

Compare scores and challenge friends via Game Center using the iPhone app.


Does not work on Apple Watch 3

Does not work...please update

Not working

Please update

Fun Game!

If your looking for a fun game for your Apple Watch this is the one. It has good mechanics and it's fun to kill time.

Totally love it!!

Alien Invasion is amazing game for Apple Watch, pretty cool with super nice animations, the game is super addictive I play it everytime I have free time, my family love it, the game is simple and classic and that's what it makes so good

Best Game Ever!

This games is so enjoyable and entertaining! I can't believe that it is free, it runs so smoothly and is SO ADDICTIVE!


Seems like a cool game, but I think this could be really fun (and appeal to a wider audience) if you made this for iPhones and iPads as well.

Interesting game!

Absolute Gem! it is just amazing awesome game :) recommend to anyone for this game.

Really fun game.

If you own an Apple Watch this is a must have game that turns it into a time killer when on a train.

Great game !

This is the first game i play with my smartwatch .Very interesting .Graphic and sound very funny .I can relax in my freetime .

Fun stuff!

This is a game for the Apple Watch, so you gotta have one to play! But it's really fun, easy to control and nice to secretly play during class or on the bus :) Love it!!

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