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Having stress? Electrify your creativity and get your lasers flowing!
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Laser Overload is the new game from the creators of Connect.
Perfect to relieve your daily stress and release your genius potential.

A simple but amazing looking Puzzle where connecting laser beams creates beautiful pattern.
It really makes the time fly.

The goal is to connect energy sources with batteries to recharge them.

How to play
Rotate mirrors and use energy teleports to keep the grid functional.
We've included a quick and easy tutorial to get you started.

- Redefined Puzzle mechanic. You have never played something like this before.
- More than 300 levels waiting for you.
- Simple, smart and fun puzzles.
- Collect stars without breaking the grid for additional challange.
- Simple, clean yet amazing looking.
- No battery drainer. No internet connection required. Play on every plane flight or on the subway.
- You do not need any knowledge about electricity or power grids in order to enjoy this game. :-)

The nature of the game is quite meditative, it flexes the player's mind and electrifies his thoughts. Are you able to get all the stars?

Twitter: @TapAnywhere

Send us your suggestions and feedback as we are always looking to add new special levels and features at [email protected]


Good but too many ads
annoyed dude 69

It’s horrendous. Almost every level there’s an ad. Guess that’s why the game is free & it’s $2 to remove them. The puzzles are great though.

Great game! Ad cancer

The game misleads you by only showing ads every three or so levels in the beginning. Make no mistake, this is an ad per level game. Ads in between every level disrupt the flow of gameplay, overshadowing any level of fun the game can bring to the table. Unplayable

Too many ads.

I saw an ad for this game, and thought I would try it out. Sadly, the ads where unbearable and I deleted it within the first couple minutes. It is a cool idea and the design is decent, hence the extra star. It’s really too bad there’s so many ads, because this is certainly something more people would play if they weren’t bombarded with advertisements.


This game trash

Great with a question-mark..
Dood T

I enjoy the game, it’s a great pass-time with little ad distractions... but question... What is the purpose of the generator building screen? The only thing I can figure is a potential coin boost per building level, but.... it doesn’t really say...

Simple puzzles, too many ads.

Look, if you want to get people hooked on your game, let them play five or ten short levels in a row without interrupting the flow with an ad. If I like it, I’ll pay. Putting an ad after every single short level—especially when I haven’t even had a chance to get to know the mechanics, it obnoxious and gonna get a bad rating from me. Worst, I played about 40 levels and, while the comp,exits ramps up a LITTLE bit, it becomes clear you don’t actually have much going on. These puzzles are easy and there isn’t much inventiveness. No wonder you’re hoping to get money out of people quick. This game is hollow. Good aesthetics and music. Would be better is I could be allowed to slide into the flow a while first. Now I’m just irritated and uninstalling it.

What does the power plant do?

The power plant in the build section seems to have no purpose whatsoever. There isn't ANYTHING online about it at all. Lame.

Cool idea, disappointing app

1) Too many ads. I get that you have to make money but it’s egregious with this game. 2) Please have a purpose for everything in the game. The power plant building is useless. If it isn’t, I wish there were an explanation because it’s not self-evident. 3) Don’t repeat levels later on in the game. It’s lazy and people notice.

Fun game LOTS of ads

The rounds are get more and more engaging and is very fun but ad in between each round. If you do anything else on your phone, watch another ad before you can play again

Just pick the “free” roll

You’re going to have to watch an ad before the next level, regardless if you take the free spin with an ad watch, so you might as well get your coins, first. I got tired of doing that each level, and the levels are not challenging, so I uninstalled it after level 8. Meh.

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