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Lake: Coloring Books is free iOS app published by Lake d.o.o.


ur mom hairline

Ur mom

Awesome app


I love this app it is so much fun I think people would like it so much!

I love it

Emmie Centrella

Omg I love this app it’s amazing I love it I’m obsessed with this app 💕💕💕💕

Prepare to fork over the dough


If you want to color any of the pictures shown you must “subscribe”. Only the app is free, along with one free pic a day.

Pretty garbo


Nothing - and I mean nothing - will save. I can see the potential and being an artist myself I love seeing all the different options and coloring books by artists and how each one has their own distinct style, but nothing will save and if I try to go back to a page I colored before it will not open. Not to mention the app likes to crash and close when I'm in the middle of coloring a piece, forcing me out of the page I'm working on and not allowing me back on the same page 🙃🙃 time well spent? More like time well wasted because all your work goes down the drain.

Great Relaxation!


Great app! I appreciate that it helps you stay in the lines, which is difficult, even with the Pencil (You can turn this feature off if you prefer). You can pay to upgrade to more pictures and unlimited colors, but I like the suggested palettes that come free, and there are plenty of free pictures. In my opinion, the subscription is a little high.

Good app


While it is a very relaxing app to use, you have a very limited amount of coloring books without buying a membership.



Very good quality

Amazing 🤯


This is free yet it’s = to 59$ love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Ruby’s masterpiece

rubys masterpiece

I love it ❤️