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Are you smart enough to escape a 3D maze? Can you outrun the light orbs? Find the hidden passages and other secrets!

This 3D maze simulator will challenge your wits as you seek the end of every maze. Lookout towers will help you plot your path ahead. Instantly teleport to previous locations if you get lost.

Beware, the mazes get very difficult! (36 mazes in all)


Great maze app!

If you like mazes, this app is for you. The mazes are really detailed and fun to go through. The controls are spot on. Enjoy!

Watch Out!
Happy days x 4

A great challenge! And it is AWESOME when you get to that beacon! ;) A fun app...


Was alright. Limited amount of levels was disappointing but they were fun. Mechanics were semi intuitive but capable. Good for a coffee break.

Very impressive

This looks great and has some cool features I did not expect from a maze app, for example the sun and sky make for a cool touch. This is vastly superior to other 3d maze apps I have played, especially when it comes to controls, here is looking at you, escape 3d:labyrinth! My only complaint, although minor, is that the right virtual joystick is a little sensitive, but is not something that keeps me from blasting my way through each of these mazes.

Pretty good, very engaging
Chirstopher Sigman

I was a bit surprised by how much I find myself playing, considering the simplicity of it all. There's some mazes that aren't that simple though, so don't be fooled! With 42 mazes/labyrinths, there's a fair amount of gameplay there too. It'd be interesting if there was a random maze generator, but I can understand that not being done. The only thing's I'd change would be to make the walls blend with the ground a bit more (grass especially seems to be flat and disconnected from the walls, with no grass appearing on the walls), and to make the labyrinths have multiple intersecting paths.

I can't stop!

Need more levels!!

Liked this game
Biggie man

I use it for reinforcers for an autistic boy I instruct, he LOVES it. I wish I could maybe change the sensitivities? Sometimes they get away from me. With more practice I have gotten better.


Awesome and challenging. Just try it and see for yourself.

Yo A Flores

Can you make a game about me and hulk it will be so cool scenciraly hadom

The Best!

There is only 2 things that would make this better- a storyline and better controls. Other than that, the game definitely earns 5 stars.