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Step into the world of Vikings and beat your opponents in a fierce game of Kubb! An outdoor skittle-throwing game with an added challenge, Kubb is suitable for younger and older players alike.
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Now it's even easier to keep track of your Kubb game. The new Kubb Score Tracker is a super beautiful, simple and easy-to-use score tracking app to help you run your game smoothly.

Kubb Score Tracker let's you create your game, add players or teams, add pictures with your camera and keep track of your game's progress.

You don't have to know the rules of Kubb as the Kubb Score Tracker takes care of point additions, substractions and penalties. You only need to record the fallen pins and the app takes care of the rest.

Easy to use, optimized for smart phone and single hand usage, the Kubb Score Tracker sets the new benchmark and cornerstone for upcoming app improvements and additions.

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