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A marketing tool demonstrating the features and unique functions of Kiwa Digital, producer of digital experiential books
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Business Free KIWA International Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod


* English narration

* Swipe-to-Read™

* Touch-to-Hear™

* Touch-to-Spell™

* Read-to-me and read-it-myself options

Compatible with iPad, requires iOS 8 +


Contact us: [email protected]

KIWA® is the world’s leading production house for experiential digital books. We partner with publishers and other content owners, using our patented technology to bring content to life in revolutionary new digital formats that deepen engagement and understanding.

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Oops wrong game

This game is so garbage it doesn't even have pikachu like what the freak man you could've just added pikachu like come on now it doesn't even let you make an INFOGRAPH like it's literally in the title of the game kiwa INFOGRAPH but NO it doesn't let you make one like so garbage man...


Never mind

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