Kitchen Room - room escape game - Reviews

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Kitchen Room - room escape game - is free iOS app published by koji morimoto

Fun escape game


Another good escape game. Puzzles not too difficult to figure out on this one.

Love it!


Awesome! Simple, clever puzzles that are fun to solve. Love this developer, hope another app comes soon.

I want more!!


Fabulous game!



Amazing game with beautiful graphics. Keep them coming.

Great game!


So much fun and super easy to use.

Cool really nice

Talise H

Super nice cool game. Really enjoyed it. Challenging but not too hard where it's hard to figure out. Thanks


Yndi pony

Short, tricky, fun little game to play along with someone else .

Well done ??

Casual mode

Really enjoying these escape games by koji morimoto. All are unique, clever, and fun! Thank you!