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Kinit is free iOS app published by Kik US, Inc.



They haven’t had a decent gift card in forever and the survey in majority have never applied to me.

Spend section doesn’t work


I can’t reedem my kin points:(

Great crypto fun and discovery


What makes this app so amazing is that it brings crypto to everyday people that are familiar with an incremental level up game. Would it be awesome if I could import and export ... YES but great app nonetheless

“kin on the way with a delay”


Have done 10 quizzes on this app without receiving any reward! Filed multiple support tickets and still nothing! This is a SCAM!

This app took a turn for the worse..


When I first downloaded this app a few months ago, I was quite pleased but then the app quickly took a turn for the worse. Even though it’s pretty simple tasks to earn points, it’s practically impossible now to redeem your points for gift cards. I was also disappointed to see the amazon ones taken away. Regardless of that, now there is a lot of errors within the app When trying to even earn points and I am not certain if it’s just an iOS issue but it’s pretty discouraging.

Good in theory, not so much in practice


I’ve had the app for several months. At first it was really cool. Answer some questions for some free “coins” that you could trade toward gift cards. There ended up being a few problems. First, 75% of the surveys were toward women’s styles (clothing, hair, etc). It got annoying seeing the same hairstyles every week. Second, the gift card choices were kinda meh except they had one for iTunes. It’s always sold out though. I guess it exists in theory but weeks would go by waiting for it to be available because the others were useless to me. Third, my kin disappeared. Over 1500 kin just vanished which also goes to show the availability of the gift cards. The iTunes cards were 500 and were rare enough that I regularly got up to 1000+ before being able to get one. Finally, there’s no support. I asked CS for help regarding my missing kin. I still haven’t heard anything back, not even an automated response.

Solutions to improve this great app


Let me start by saying I actually really enjoy this app. I love being able to earn kin (1 kin= 1 US $0.01) that users can use to buy gift cards and other rewards. Doing surveys and other tasks like that to earn kin is great. Not to mention, when the teams updates the app, it’s usually for the better. One example being the new app interface and quickly fixing bugs or glitches. However, this App has gone down hill. When I first started using this app, I usually earned on average 70 kin a day. Sometimes even as much as 150 kin in one day. Not only that, new gift cards and other rewards were replenished regularly on what seemed a weekly basis or sooner. Now, I’m lucky to even earn 12 kin a day AT MOST. To add onto the decline in the app, the rewards and gift cards are always “sold out” and replenish about every 2 months it seems. Users used to be able to earn more kin at a faster rate, and have more options and opportunities to get rewards. If the Kinit team wants to improve this app, they should allow users to earn more kin at a quicker pace like it was in the past. Not only that, but provide more incentive for people to use this app by giving the users more rewards and replenishing them faster. Don’t get me wrong, I love this app and want to see it thrive. For a long time it was moving in a positive direction. However, it now seems that the app has taken a wrong turn. I hope the Kinit team reads this review and has a solution to improve this app

No response to emails...!?

Queen Survey

I’ve emailed you guys over a month ago. Why don’t you guys respond to ur app users...? I have over 1200 points on my app and I want them back. That’s not a good look...!!!!? Put 5 stars to be seen...!

Get this app it’s the best


This app is the best I love it you get free gift cards who doesn’t like that plus the app is free hello just get it but always set up a backup I love kinit so just get it it’s the best I’m 10 years old and I know it’s not a rip of soo please get it it’s the best I hope this rework helped kinit because I ❤️ kinit And you will to love it

Kinit has no redemption for currency


I thought this was a good app for a few months but when I bought a gift card I got a pin that didn’t work. Scam and a waste of time.