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Kinit is free iOS app published by Kik US, Inc.

Waste of time


At first the rewards given for finishing surveys pay out a decent amount of kin (about 12 per). When you’ve collected around 500 kin, the amount of kin received per survey drops significantly (about 2 per). A $5 amazon gift card is the only appealing option you have to spend your kin on. Let’s break down the math...At 2 kin per 30 second survey, it’ll take 250 surveys to reach 500 kin. 250 surveys will take a minimum of 125 minutes (2 hours 5 minutes) $5 for over 2 hours of time is pathetic. That’s less than $2.50 per hour of your time.

Kin on iOS


Great to see Kinit on iOS. I hope they add more gift card options and expand this activity and purchasing power throughout the entire platform. I can really see this being fun for people who enjoy couponing/bargain hunting. Also, it collects data for surveys and rewards you for providing said data. If only all companies rewarded you for providing data. Way to go KIN.

Best app EVER!!

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I love this app but the feedback button doesn’t work and where’s the iTunes and amazon gift cards

Great app some minor issues


A option for notifications would be great to remind you to take the quizzes.

More spending

(Val2) Estrogens

I feel as if you kept more spending abilities like Uber and others would make people want the app. I finally got my 1,500 kin and can’t spend on Uber now and nothing interests me. Disappointed..

Pays for Spotify

Sweet app 7151

The $5 iTunes gift cards are a pretty awesome spend option. Literally takes 2 minutes a day to answer a few questions and you earn a balance which you redeem for the gift cards.

Interesting... When it works


Been using Kinit for awhile, and used to have tasks every day. Then it turned to about a week later for the next task recently. The app froze when I tried to get an uber gift card, and said someone got the last one. I tried to restart my phone and the app, same issue. I deleted and reinstalled the app, which says that I need to scan a QR code they emailed to me. I have checked my inbox and spam, and have no email. I sent an email to support and have not heard back. There is no other way to log back into my account without that email.

Bugs to be fixed


Error loop after a quiz...

Wallet back up is a scam


They randomly disconnect my account. I already set up a back up. However, they asked two questions, but required three answers to retrieve your wallet??? Like they asked you two identical questions and then the second questions. Doesnt matter what you put in, they will say it’s not correct and you have to lose everything. They dont even bother fixing it. They reset my acc twice, second times was last month and the back up is still mess up

Where is the restore option in app?


After updating the app, had to re-register. Didn’t find option to restore my previous account. Where is the restore option in app?