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A special photo journal made for kids! With colorful and creative screens that will refresh memorable photos of your kids.
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Photo & Video Free Clifford Tan iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can take as many photos as you want for the day. You can choose the best "Photo of the Day", and create a "Monthly Photo" journal. And choose the best "Photo of the Month", and create a "Yearly Photo" journal.

Then, you can tap the "Share" button and let your loved ones see your customized photos.

Seat back and relax, and view the slide-show of your Daily, Monthly and Yearly photos!

Want to be reminded daily to take a photo? There is the "Photo Reminder" feature.

And don't forget to back-up your precious photos. There is a "Back-up Photos" button, where you can send all your photos to your e-mail.


Really bad

Clicked import and app shut down. Took a pic tried to add a talking bubble and size they show you when adding text is different than what you see on the picture.

App crashes

The app keeps crashing once u click import. Needs work.


Why can't I use this app? It closes on me when I open it. I really like this idea of this app but I can't get it to work

Never worked

I can't open or when it does and when it does it says no camera. Great idea. Will look elsewhere for photo project for kids.