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Do you or your child...
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...have a strong interest in numbers? to count higher and higher?
...enjoy simple math? playing with calculators?

A Counting Box is a simple device which increments or decrements (adds or subtracts) numbers on a large screen each time you press a button. Children and adults who love numbers or show an interest in simple addition and subtraction will enjoy watching the numbers grow or decrease in size with each press of the buttons. Great for parents, teachers or anyone who works with toddlers or children aged 2 to 5 who have a curiosity about numbers and counting.

How It Works:

The middle square box shows your increment/decrement value (0-100) and can be adjusted with the up or down triangle buttons.

The large round buttons will subtract or add the increment/decrement value to the total value shown with large bright bold numbers. If you hold the buttons down they will begin to quickly add or subtract automatically.

You can return to 0 by pressing the 0 button or you can change the settings by pressing the "gear" button and you can view the instructions with the "i" button.

FREE Version Features:

-Simple, large buttons for easy operation by children and even toddlers
-Ability to add until you reach 1,000
-Change increment/decrement values from 0 to 10
-Press and hold buttons down to quickly add or subtract without repeated pressing
-The are 4 different number colors, 4 different screen colors and 4 different box colors you can choose from, giving you 64 different display options
-Negative numbers can be turned off, so that 0 is the minimum number
-Sounds can be turned on or off
-Realistic steampunk-themed graphics make you feel as though you're interacting with a real world device
-Not ad-supported, just free

PRO Version also includes:
-Count up to 1,000,000!
-Negative numbers (count down to -1,000,000)!
-Increment value from 0 to 100

I'm a father of two young children who love counting and numbers! The inspiration for the Counting Box app came from MAKE magazine which featured an electronics project made by a father for his 4-year-old son. My own children also love numbers and enjoy counting and being "quizzed" with simple addition and subtraction math problems, but I didn't really have the knowledge, skill, time or money to produce a real electronic counting box. My kids would probably be in college by the time I finished :-) Instead, I decided to create a simple and affordable app which could be used by parents, math teachers, educators or anyone who wants their own counting box (and has an appropriate device to play it on).

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