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Karma Train for reddit is free iOS app published by Linto Mathew



With a few minor tweaks, this could be THE Reddit app.



Love the card interface. Keep up the good work. Eager to see the updates.

Great Reddit Client


It's pretty and I haven't had any issues or found any bugs with it.

A great start


This app is amazing! It's an amazing start for a app and I am sure it'll be one of the best reddit apps out there one day. I use it with alienblue side by side just to get a taste of both reddit apps!

Awesome & lightweight


This app just might replace AlienBlue for me. It's easy to use and lightweight. Nicely done.

I only reddit on my phone

Christian Reeves

As the title says I'm only on my phone. I try all the new reddit clients, and this one has the ability to get up there with the top dogs (alien blue and redditor). The only thing I have to say is more customization (color most importantly) and easier access to your subscribed subreddits. Good job all around though, keep it up!

Good app!


Just discovered this app. It is great to browse Reddit and it looks pretty good too. I'm used to browsing Reddit on Alien Blue but I think I can make the change if updates keep coming.

Look no further

Dan Anttila

Best Reddit app on iOS I have found. Give it a shot.

Loving the new Bird's Eye View! :D

Shadows in the Dark

I expected an option to arrange subreddits, but not like this! Very awesome feature. :)

Best app on IOS


Best reddit app on IOS. Love the images with the text. Load times are also very fast.