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Entertainment Free Linto Mathew iPhone, iPad, iPod

- A new unique UI (first iOS reddit client to have a card-layout).
- iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users can force touch on any links to see a quick preview of the link.
- Owl mode for night time browsing.
- Force Touch on app icon to jump to your favorite subreddit.
- Native support for iPhone 6 and 6+.
- Quickly browse the Front Page of Internet. Sort the posts by various sort options supported by reddit.
- Post to reddit.
- Upload to Imgur from within app (PRO Users only).
- View Imgur gifs and Youtube videos within the app.
- Birds view for reading the top posts from your favorite subreddit(s).
- Reply to a topic and other users' posts.
- Access your Messages and send new ones.
- Vote posts and other users' comments.
- Collapse comment tree easily by double tapping it.
- Open reddit links within app.
- Search for subreddits.
- Manage your subreddit subscription.
- Create multis and manage them.
- Quickly view your Recent Activities (Overview, Liked, Disliked, Submitted, Saved, Hidden).
- Swipe from right to reply to a comment.
- Search for contents submitted to reddit.
- View trending subreddits for the day.

For suggestions and bugs, please send an email to [email protected] or visit the dedicated subreddit by going to the Support page in the app (r/iOSKarmaTrain).



Good little app, looks nice, has some features (Birds Eye View, Pro) that other apps don’t have. I’d like some more customizable options in terms of themes/appearance, but overall not bad!

Good enough

Videos in app don't always work correctly

Great Reddit app

Had a small issue with viewing certain links and developer fixed immediately. Great app for browsing reddit, nice search feature too.

Quit asking me for feedback

I don't need a notification every time I open the app insisting I give feedback, with no way to flat out decline giving it, so here's your feedback

My favorite Reddit app (after trying them all)

I am a heavy user of Reddit and I've tried almost all the apps out there. This one is the best, by far. The customization options for font size are great. I also love that it has an option to default to the native reader function when opening articles. Inline, full-size images, auto dark mode, and 3D Touch are also great features.

my reviewsx

The best reddit app since Alien blue. Way better than the bloated official app.

So much better than the official app, but some issues

I tried other apps and this one was the better one. Some of the gifs don't open up on imgur. Would like to see gyfcat support as well.

Best one yet

Better than Rhombus and Alien Blue.


I like the interface - it is better than other Reddit apps. But this app crashes all the time, mostly when trying to load gifs or videos, and also keeps giving me a SSL error. Fix that and it's 5 stars.

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