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KanjiPop: Kanji Practice in a Fun Game

Practice Kanji in a fun way!
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Education $1.99 Lima Sky iPhone, iPad, iPod

A word in english is shown for which you must identify a correct Kanji character out of a choice of 16. Once you correctly identify all 16 within a given time, you will advance to the next level. There are 127 increasingly difficult levels, giving you a total of over 2000 Kanji to learn. You will start with the most simple of the Kanji on level 1 and advance to the more complex Kanji on each new level. If you run out of time you can start again on the same level, or you can start at a lower level.

This is an addictive and fun way to practice Kanji.

Can you make it through all the 127 levels?

NOTE: To start at a lower level, press the minus sign located to the left of the level number on the "game over" screen.

This latest update adds the much-requested options screen! You can now hide or show either English or readings. You can also turn sound and hints on or off!

Thanks to everyone for your great feedback. We are working constantly on making this app even better and we will be incorporating many of your suggestions in the upcoming updates!

Thanks for your support!



I love it! So much fun! Please add more kanji!!!!!!

Needs more work - but I like it!

I enjoy playing/using KanjiPop, but there are no options at all. You just keep advancing up each level of play after you match all the Kanji on the current level. Can not go back a level, turn off sound, start over...must be something missing as the instructions on iTunes state you can back a level.

Nice complement to other Kanji apps

I don't see this as one-stop shopping for Kanji learners, but I actually like it a lot. I think it complements some of the other top apps nicely, in the following way: It works in the reverse sense as compared to Kanji flash-card type apps (shows the English and asks you to find the Kanji); it is showing multiple Kanji at once so you need to distinguish between some similar characters (though this is not really its intent - it doesn't organize that way intentionally); and it is nicely modular so that you can work on a set of characters at once. It's good value but there is lots of headroom for improvement and certain features could make it one of the must-have Kanji apps in the store.


I liked that it tells you the meaning after you miss it but it isn't the best tool to learn kanji

Very disappointing... Add pregame review!!

It desperately needs a review option before starting a level!!!! Update improved it but still problems, and makes a decent study game tool. Still could be improved. Worth the money, but yeah... if there was some sort of "review" of a level before you just jump RIGHT into it getting EVERYTHING WRONG... that would be nice.

Fun, but needs more work

This program is enjoyable if you already have a good handle on Kanji, however as of Nov. 14th 2008, it is not yet a good tool for learning. Yet the concept is solid. I suggest an optional cheat feature which, when turned on, would allow for a pause screen which displays more detailed information about the kanji symbol you are being asked to identify at the moment of pausing. What I would like to see in the way of additional information is the kanji itself with the meaning, common compounds (most wanted feature), and maybe even stroke order! Finally, I would like to see options to turn off the sound and to hide the English meaning. Easier level selection would be helpful too. Work on it to receive five stars! I really want to see this app live up to its potential!

Waste of money, but so much promise
Joe in Japan

This app seemed great - a fun way to practice kanji I knew, and pick up some kanji along the way. Unfortunately, it's incredibly basic beyond what anyone would consider reasonable for a learning game: * There's no 'start over' function. Once you complete a level, it's forever done. * Each level is always the same * The only way to "learn" a new kanji is through a tiny little popup that appears when you click on the wrong kanji. I would love this application if it each level was a mix of mostly easier, 'known' kanji, as well as a couple of new kanji. That way you could absorb a couple new kanji and move on. As it is, I quickly got stuck on level 8 and won't bother opening the app again until either it's updated, or I study enough new kanji to be worth bothering.

Makes learning kanji fun

Love this Japanese kanji app. Thanks for the options screen. Only request I have is add a small i or something to access the options screen during a quiz in case we wish to change them. Other than that it's great.

Not bad, needs work

It is a very basic program. I'd like to see some options, such as being able to hide the English translation and go by Japanese readings only. I'd also LOVE to see the most common Compounds that the kanji are found in. A victory sound and review at the end of each level would also be great, as well as a way to pick which level you want to start with, via a menu.

Kewl app.

Needs ability to change time limit. Also, would like to be able to start from any level previously from the beginning.