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Jurassic Survival Island

Do your best to survive on the islands swarming with dinosaurs that want to play with you... and eat you, of course. Huge volumes of crafting involved and three enormous islands to discover are already waiting for their survivors!
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Games Free GameSpire Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

*Raise your own dragon
Crush your enemies using the power of the dragon!

*HD graphics with shadows
Use all the features of your new smartphone! Switch graphics settings to maximum!

*Huge open world
Discover three immense islands with dinosaurs! Explore secret locations, find hidden resources, but be careful – the islands are full of dangers!

*Tame animals and dinosaurs
All dinosaurs can be tamed! Tamed dinosaurs will protect and love you, but never do you ever forget to feed them!

*Evolution continues
Play with a lot of beings from the Jurassic period: Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Gallimimus, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, Ankylosaurus, Compsognathus, Spinosaurus. Plus Bonus: Mammoth, Sabretooth, and others.

*Use advanced building system
Use brick, metal, stone or wood to create any constructions!

*Play in first and third-person view
Immerse yourself in 3D by changing the camera view.

*Game development in close cooperation with community
Communicate with the developer: write to us in our groups @ FB and VK: facebook.com/gamefirst.prod/ or vk.com/islandsurv and participate in the development of the game.

Find out who you are: a hunter or a prey, in a brand new survival simulator - The Ark of Craft!

Dinosaur egg: can be obtained from dinosaur corpses, or when golden and crystal eggs are discovered.
Dragon egg: can be obtained from crystal eggs.
Crystal egg: can be found on an island in "eggery" or as a reward for various events and quests.


It has a glitch
Molly 124685

It has a glitch where when I try to make a bone plate it get me stuck and I have to get out of the app and when I go back in the app the bone plate is gone I have 1 bone plate but then the glit it 4 times and I finally found out about the glitch sorry I spelled a couple words wrong and lost the place of them

Need it too bee more like ark

It’s bad and cheesy no eggs should be use for taming and better graphics.

We want multiplayer

When I was playing the game my brother tried to join me and he couldn’t


You get stuck in menus you can’t get out if there is a X or back button it doesn’t work. And that’s IF THERE IS ONE. Looked good. Don’t waste time

Pizza liver 98754


game is trash

Everything about it is bad gameplay graphics the whole game in general it needs better graphics and everything just play ARK ok it so much better

Don’t copy ark
$noop dog

This game is a rip-off I hate it I’d give it a 000000000 if I could


Cheap version of ARK much?

Inevitable Russian Ripoff Of ARK

Just all around great... ripoff of ARK and other dinosaur/survival games! The graphics are awful and the gameplay is just horrendous. Chock full of ads and micro transactions: everything that people love and admire in a game! 👍



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