June's Journey: Hidden Objects Reviews

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June's Journey: Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Loving this game, but...

zombie flower

Loving this game, but super frustrated with how long and hard it is to get compasses to open up more land. You have to buy to progress which is fine, but now everything looks bad, crunched together. Also I can no longer progress in the game, it’s been two days since I’ve been able to play because of how long construction takes. I love building the island. I love playing the hidden objects game. I love the stories and characters. I don’t have a problem spending real money to a point, but what good is it if I can’t go on because of room on the island, or how long construction takes. Please give/ make getting compasses easier to get. Otherwise great game, can’t wait to get a chance to play.

Incredible art work.


Most incredible art work. Great test of one’s memory. Fabulous storyline. Love this game!

Good game, but ad integration terrible!


This is a fun and interesting game. In order to progress faster, you need to watch brief ads. No problem, EXCEPT the software doesn't work properly to seamlessly move from the game to the ads and back. Routinely get kicked out of the game when the ad finishes, and/or have to watch the same ad twice to get the credits. SOO frustrating, and detracts from what could be a great game.

I approve

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It’s a little rough around the edges. But the puzzle are fun and there aren’t too many adds.

Would have rated 5 stars but...


When you have purchased all the buildings and completed all the renovations, the Help Wanted side game still has materials you have to earn to get keys, coins, etc. You are unable to earn any materials when you’ve completed all renovations so they need to either create new buildings or stop populating the materials challenge when you’ve bought/renovated all the buildings.



Lots of glitches since new year, even after update. Game doesn’t load after ad plays.

Not a lot of options when you advance


Once you get to the higher levels sometimes you have to wait 2-3 days to be able to advance because you don’t have enough compasses to get more land and there isn’t anything else to buy in the store. So I can either use my coins to buy a bunch of picnic chairs and fire pits that I don’t want to get to the next level or just not play the game and wait 3 days for my train station to upgrade. Also can you add more items to the store like more colorful trees and flowers? Like maple trees? It gets really boring looking at the same things in the store after a month and I am not a fan of anything in the fancy perfume store and can’t wait for it to go away and something new to take its place.

Fix your bugs


Would give it 5 stars, were it not for the annoyance it has been to be unable to log back in using my Facebook account. It gets to the “connect with Facebook account” and then it completely freezes and you’re not able to log back in. So annoyed with it after spending money on the actual stupid game. Tried to reach out to tech support with no help whatsoever. Uninstalled, reinstalled, reset phone, nothing! Will change my review once they fix the issues and I’m able to log back in. Waste of money. Never again.

New update now crashes ads


Since the new update, the ads crash frequently. I have to exit the game because it just goes to a black screen. I have to do this cycle several times before I get credit for watching an ad.



I love,love this adventure. I’m truly addicted to the mysteries! Well done creation!