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Rotation Bug Fixed

Downloaded new version this morning and all is is good in IOS7. Finally I do not have to place my iPad in portrait view. Thanks.


Don't be deceived; this "app" contains nothing but images of the day's hardcopy paper. Be prepared to size, resize and adjust ...significantly disappointed.

Only because 'zero' wasn't an option

Fine when it works but randomly logs me out and won't allow me to log back in. Then stuck dealing with their 'customer service'. Also, took over 2 months after ios7 came out from Apple to upgrade the e-edition to be able to read in landscape. The rest of the world had app updates out immediately. I give up! <delete>

MKE rss

This is a bug filled app. The latest problem is that it won't accept my password even Though I can sign in elsewhere. It also won't let me change my password. It now says it doesn't support my browser even though it worked for months I went to the electronic version because they couldn't deliver a paper on time, next option, cancel completely

Worked until yesterday

Now it won't let me login via the app after working for months. Also, e-edition doesn't let you print or share articles, or complete puzzles! In addition, ad inserts in Sunday paper are missing. Can't recommend at this time.

MJS app is ideal

This, to me, is what an online app of a hard copy newspaper should look like. I want to see the same paper I can buy at the corner store. There are convenient options for pulling up an article, skipping between sections, searching, etc. Plus I can go back through the archives and look at past editions. My big complaint has nothing to do with the app. The comics page has been downsized post-January 11. No more Frank and Ernest? Good grief. No more Sally Forth. No more Hi and Lois. What are they thinking?

Too Many Non-news Alerts
TVB Wisconsin

If you set the app to give you news alerts it goes wild with non-news sporting events. This past Saturday there was a live blog that had access to the alert function of this app and every 2 minutes the app was going off to alert me that some football player or baseball player said this or that. Stupid. That’s not news. MJS isn’t much of a news organization anymore but holy cow at least have some discrimination on what you bother people with … I turned off the alerts… for now I’ll keep the app but I only use it occasionally for reading news anyway.

Password required every time the app opens?

Really? Every time I open the app it now needs my username and password? Default settings are all messed up? I was suspicious of installing the new version, I wish I hadn't.


Can't get in since last upgrade. Log-in stays on screen. Fix it!

Works great

Works great on iPad. Great presentation and navigation.