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It's your first day on the job...
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The state-run emergency dispatch systems have all become sluggish and bogged down. Privatized, CrowdSourced Dispatch response is now the wave of the present, with JoinDispatch leading the pack thanks to their Rapid Response Server. Anyone can join up and start a shift from their phone or JoinDispatch Home Terminal. It's your first day and you'll be working closely with your manager to make sure you're on track to earn stars - and save lives of course.

However, perhaps there's a bit more afoot than it would seem.

Some recent employees have reported strange caller interactions and even direct evidence of attempted hacks into the JoinDispatch OS. Though no one is quite certain why this is occurring, we can assure you - everything's fine and secure.

The systems are functioning at 100% efficiency.

JoinDispatch is an opportunity for you to engage and assist a collection of characters through thrilling real-time conversations with a collection of characters calling in for emergency help.
How will you handle the father with a bleeding child, thanks to a foolish and preventable slide n' slip injury?
Will you send a fire truck to assist the poor soul whose cell phone burst into flames while he slept? Or will you convince him of his inner strength and get him to fight the fire himself?

ERROR 612-11.






-Strive to achieve a coveted 5-Star rating.

-Earn skills that will help you meet your goals and unlock new opportunities and characters.

-Protect and Conserve: use your resources wisely, they are highly limited.

-Rewind Time Itself: Only the JoinDispatch system offers you our patented rewind function, allowing you to undo that last mistake.

-Simplified decisions and seamless navigation will have you clicking your way to great success.

-Play again and again. Your choices will carve a new path through each shift each time you play.

-Uncover all the mysteries... if there are any... but there's probably not, because it's all totally normal!

-Featuring Original Music by Kreng.

-A throwback to the text-based adventure games of yesteryear.

Presented by SpectreVision, JoinDispatch is a text-based adventure game written by Kyle McCullough & Suki-Rose Simakis. Developed by Kyle McCullough. Original Music by Kreng.



LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. Has nice graphics and storyline. Please update

Truly Immersive!
Dominique Buckman

I loved the first episode of it. This being free, I understand the adds at times and the creative story it implemented to having to watch them. Not only that, but I loved the storyline in it and I can’t wait to see more. On the other hand, some choices, as I think, were pretty off topic or shouldn’t really be used to continue in on an emergency conversation. I do find when someone gets off topic, that you the player, should be able to call them off and get back on topic. Other than that, it was a good first episode I played. I would like to thank you. I will definitely play it over and see if there is anything else I can comment back on. I liked a lot of things you implemented.

Dumbest game I’ve ever played

This game is so stupid. All it is is text and the responses they have don’t even make sense. I would have rather taken my 99 cents and threw it in a dumpster. Waste of time.

A message to devs

First if I would like to start by saying that this is one of the best games I’ve ever played on mobile, with that being said tho I’ve emailed the devs a million times asking about how to get episode 2 or if it’s even ever coming out and I get no response so I’m here asking again when is episode 2 coming out or how can I get it.

Nice start

This is kinda dumb, nice start of a story (??) but then to play the same stories over and over everyday is wayyyyyyyyy boring. Doesn't matter how many 'skills' you hand out (which hardly even play into the game??). I'm totally confused as to the high ratings of this game to be honest....

This game would have been cool...

(Don’t download it’s a waste of time)The game seems very cool and mysterious at first until they want you to pay right off the bat. They make you go through the tutorial and then tell you oh that wasn’t the actual game you have to pay or watch videos, so I went to watch the videos and the whole app crashes. Not impressed. Wouldn’t waste my time.

I like it but...

This game is really fun.. but I’m playing episode one for the third time in a row... is there no other episodes or am I doing something wrong??

$1 to play

I love the app but the one problem is that you have to pay $1 to play the game once you download it so they get more downloads. I did not pay for it yet but I will. But they have to make some money have fun too.

Great but short

The game is really fun and has a nice story to it but I finished it in the first day. Is there more coming out?

10/10 Great Game

I don’t usually review games, even my favorite games, but this game was so well constructed that I not only chose to review it, and write a review, but I also paid for the ad-free version. As a cheapskate that is the best compliment I can give. If you have a sense of humor, as well as compassion and quick thinking skills, this is the game for you!