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It's your first day on the job...
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The state-run emergency dispatch systems have all become sluggish and bogged down. Privatized, CrowdSourced Dispatch response is now the wave of the present, with JoinDispatch leading the pack thanks to their Rapid Response Server. Anyone can join up and start a shift from their phone or JoinDispatch Home Terminal. It's your first day and you'll be working closely with your manager to make sure you're on track to earn stars - and save lives of course.

However, perhaps there's a bit more afoot than it would seem.

Some recent employees have reported strange caller interactions and even direct evidence of attempted hacks into the JoinDispatch OS. Though no one is quite certain why this is occurring, we can assure you - everything's fine and secure.

The systems are functioning at 100% efficiency.

JoinDispatch is an opportunity for you to engage and assist a collection of characters through thrilling real-time conversations with a collection of characters calling in for emergency help.
How will you handle the father with a bleeding child, thanks to a foolish and preventable slide n' slip injury?
Will you send a fire truck to assist the poor soul whose cell phone burst into flames while he slept? Or will you convince him of his inner strength and get him to fight the fire himself?

ERROR 612-11.






-Strive to achieve a coveted 5-Star rating.

-Earn skills that will help you meet your goals and unlock new opportunities and characters.

-Protect and Conserve: use your resources wisely, they are highly limited.

-Rewind Time Itself: Only the JoinDispatch system offers you our patented rewind function, allowing you to undo that last mistake.

-Simplified decisions and seamless navigation will have you clicking your way to great success.

-Play again and again. Your choices will carve a new path through each shift each time you play.

-Uncover all the mysteries... if there are any... but there's probably not, because it's all totally normal!

-Featuring Original Music by Kreng.

-A throwback to the text-based adventure games of yesteryear.

Presented by SpectreVision, JoinDispatch is a text-based adventure game written by Kyle McCullough & Suki-Rose Simakis. Developed by Kyle McCullough. Original Music by Kreng.


Fix this

So when I am playing, the game just suddenly freezes and I have to keep tapping my home button until it goes on my swipe apps, so I go back in and it works but it freezes again. Also, as the game goes on, I notice it is starting to lag more. Could you fix these? Lastly, I don’t know if this is true but do u have to have no failures to continue an episode because I got 1 failure and it made me restart my whole shift! I got annoyed by this because I didn’t know what I got a failure on so I know in the future. I don’t wanna keep restarting my shift over again, it gets boring.

Great Storyline
rooster booster100

The story line was great, but I feel it’s too short. There was too much left unsaid when the scene ended.

Awesome game!

I haven’t finished this game yet, but I am in love with it! The story is so amazing, and I am in the middle of my 3rd shift at JoinDispatch. The secrets in the calls are so fun to find out! I am so excited to see where this game goes and see how many people I can get to play it. If you are looking for a cool game to play, this is the right place. I hope this game gets the attention it deserves!

Black Screen??
Ms Math

I absolutely love this game! Five stars from me! The storyline is exciting and suspenseful and the way it’s told is smart and unique. I can’t wait for the next chapters. However, I’m a bit confused... When the “hacker” calls you and you access your file, it says something about a purge? Then a countdown appears. Once it gets to zero the part of the screen that shows the callers’ dialogue completes disappears... Then you can hear the sound of typing and talking, but you can’t see the words. It still gives you options to talk back to them, and I can see it, but without the callers’ dialogue it’s useless. Help me please!!

Great, but drains battery
Add Violin Please

This is a great game, but it absolutely drains my battery.

Best mobile game ever
😎cool gamer😎182

This addictive simulation game is so fun it’s the only game I’ve played in a day

Excellent storyline

How do I even begin to describe how phenomenal the storytelling is in this game? I guess I should start at how this game manages to mix slight horror elements into all this. The blue smoke mechanic was excellent and flawlessly executed in a visual sense, and a story sense, you did an excellent job with that. The glitches and hidden elements (even if completely pointless and stirred up by the player rather than the actual game), are phenomenal. This game was able to foreshadow elements in a completely breathtaking way, and when you realize it it just makes all the more exciting. Even though it only has one shift so far, not only do I love what’s already there, but CANNOT WAIT for what happens next. I’d love to see a story as subtle, intriguing, unique, and flawlessly executed as this, to be seen in its full stage.

Great but short.

This game is a awesome idea which has played out really well so far. The style, game play, graphics, and narrative are all wonderful but there is just one problem. IT'S WAY TOO SHORT. As great as it is, I finished it in one sitting, just as it was really getting interesting. When I looked online to find out whether or not there would be more added soon, all I found was "more is coming soon" and "we're planning a lot for this series". That sounds great and all but when? And couldn't there have been at least a bit more added to this "first chapter"? If each part is this short with long waits in between, I'm not sure it's worth my time.

Quite entertaining

This is a very fun and interesting game and it's makes you tingle a little bit in suspense. It's a little bit spooky but otherwise it's an amazing game if you like creepy stuff going around in the background (like glitches and malfunctions)

Mildly in love with this game

I grew up on the Choose Your Own Adventure books, and this is definitely in the same vein as them. It’s addicting as you play through what you think are normal calls, and going back through later. I have a lot of unanswered questions, so the second shift needs to be available ASAP!