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Games Free Andre Scheidemantel iPhone, iPad, iPod

Match Quest a very addictive Match 3 Adventure game.

- Free to play
- Easy to play, challenging to master
- Play with your Friends
- Share your score with your Facebook friends
- 100+ well designed levels
- Sweet powerful combo boosters and delicious power ups
- Stunning graphics and unique gameplay

Game Modes:
Get the Target Score - Swipe Characters and Splash them to reach the required score and get the stars
Timed Levels - Get the targets before the time runs out
Collect Drinks - Crush the Candy and collect all the Drinks
Dirty Crush - Destroy all the Dirty blocks
Sugar Bomb - destroy Sugar Bomb until they explode
Cage - break Cages

Blast - Gives +5 extra moves
Boost - Gives +30 seconds
Splash - replace some Items colors
Swipe - Crushes all Items in a cross lines
Crush Shovel - Crush 1 item in the game

THANK YOU for playing Match Quest!


Ads terrible

Loved the game but can’t move a level without an ad for another game. Don’t bother getting

Why does it stop at level 100????

I made it to level 100 and that’s as far as it went ???? I thought there was more because in the description it says over 200 levels????

Totally annoying!

Ads for casino and slots bounce in very hand and don't close. If I wanted a slot program I would get one! Not sure how game was as got very few hands in with the ads popping up.

Lost money

I have added gold to this game several times. Probably close to $25-30 and have never once gotten my gold. So tell me how this is gonna get fixed because I’m less then happy now and about to delete the game.

Constant ads popping up

This is a terrible app. The ads are constant. An ad between each level is too much. I uninstalled it.

Not great

I agree with the prior reviewers...colors are difficult to tell apart (mostly shades of brown and tan). Additionally, I’m very annoyed that I paid for the ad-removal and the ads are all still there. I’m trying to get to app support, but the link takes you to their Facebook age. I want my money refunded.

Has Potential

I like the game, but it has a few issues. Some of the colors are too similar which makes it hard to determine which symbols are which. Also on the levels where you need to clear tiles, the colors are too much alike to see which ones you need to clear. Last but certainly the most annoying are the ads. Ads before and after every single level is overkill. I don't mind paying to get rid of ads, but it seems like when devs use this tactic, it makes it feel like you have to get rid of the ads to enjoy the game. That usually makes me delete the game. But because I do think this game has potential, I'm willing to see if things change. The banner ad at the bottom of the screen cuts into the bottom row of the game. If these things get fixed I will gladly up my ratings.


Download this is you want an ad every two seconds. Waste of time and crappy graphics.

Fun matching game

Only on level 7 so far but it's fun and very fast levels. Sounds are fun too!

Potential ++

Love the game, sounds, the concept, something different and very fun. Also very relaxing. Please, please, please provide a paid version to get rid of the ads – they are very annoying. Secondly fix couple of issues well described in some of the other reviews. Don't need to repeat them here. Lastly, please provide a version or an option to not have any levels that are timed. For people who want a relaxing setting the levels that are timed are not wanted.

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