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Jellyfish Heaven HD - relax & sleep well in good dreams is paid iOS app published by Daichi Sasaki

Lovely app but needs improvements


I unlocked all three jellyfish and they are uniquely beautiful in their own way. However on the iPad Air 2, you can see some stiff lines on the edges of the jellyfish taking away the realism of the scene. The octopus jellyfish suffers most from these hard edges. Also the app crashes quite a bit. Also the inability to turn off the music so the user can add their own background music is a big oversight. Still a nice app to relax to.

We love jellyfish


My kids love this! Many times it serves as their night light until they fall asleep

Very cool, relaxing app


I love this. I was looking for some kind of aquarium app to soothe my 6 month old. I love jellyfish, so I download this one. It exceeded my expectations. The jellyfish look so realistic, it is like looking at a real aquarium. I love it. Great job.


Hank makes bank

It's relaxing just can't stop watching them. It's really cool.

The only way to make it even more perfect add a sleep timer.


Beautiful and relaxing. Please add a sleep timer :)



Good relaxing. Like the music included. Please keep developing jellyfish movements angles, speeds, and, music interaction. Well worth it.

Beautiful and unique app


I love the music on this, as well as all the jellyfish. Maybe the developer could put a sleep timer function on this as well as a changeable background feature, then it would be 6 stars!