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▶ Jelly Jamm Season 2 released!!
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Education Free SmartStudy iPhone, iPad, iPod

▶ About Jelly Jamm 2 App : Animation
Jelly Jamm 2 is a TV show for your little one.

▶ Using Method : Download
Download VODs just 1 time, and you can watch the Jelly Jamm even offline mode! Watch the show on-the-go! Even you are on the plane!
(It's not Youtube streaming service)

▶ Camera Function for Free
Take Pictures with Jelly Jamm Friends! Camera features included !

▶ Story Line
Jelly Jamm is a “musical comedy” about discovery, adventure and the friendship of five iconic characters on a musical planet called Jammbo. The five friends spend their time exploring the planet and living many different types of adventures in which music is the source of their fun and enjoyment and the way they learn to share and collaborate.

▶ Download Episode 1,2 for Free. Additional episodes available through in-App purchase

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أم عيسى🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Yah boy jelly jamm 3 released

Jelly Jamm 2

Jelly Jamm 2 is a sequel to the series Jelly Jamm.


Great clips for the kids!

Good app

Very attractive colors.


My daughter loves it