Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino Reviews

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Jackpot Magic Slots™ & Casino is free iOS app published by Big Fish Games, Inc

Don’t waste your time


If you play occasionally and for free it’s exactly as advertised. If you have issues don’t expect results from customer support. The App is somewhat glitchy with my iPhone X. Not all the features are available. Customer support told me that these features were completely random. I tested their response by downloading the game on 7 other devices. Android and Apple. All features worked on Android and it worked on 1 Apple device. They refused to admit they have a problem. If people keep paying money they won’t change. Good luck if you download the App.

These reviews are lies

Silver Collector

If you bet over 250K per spin, you can bet you won’t win. This app is a joke and a rip off. Be warned.

Would really love a fair Simulation


Nothing about a pay to “keep playing” simulation make a thing like this fun. In game you are granted levels and various costs to the slots. The slots all seem to be totally RNG and scaled to the house wins 70% of the time. Wish BigFish would post the odds and what any player should expect!

Such a disappointment


This use to be a very fun game! Now it is one of the biggest rip offs out there do NOT spend money on this. I don't ever take time to write reviews but I beyond frustrated with this particular game. It is a HUGE rip off. I DO purchase chips, a lot of chips, and the game just takes, takes and takes. It RARELY pays out. It is just a glaring rip off to players. I don't understand why the developers want to take a game with such potential to be so enjoyable and ruin it by "stealing" from their players. So very disappointing.

Lose every day

Woman of leisure

I spent thousands in the many years I have played yet I lose every day This game is rigged toward the highest Competition teams



Thanks for years of entertainment to me and my wife. We are senior citizens on a small fixed budget and cannot afford much entertainment beyond bare necessities. Means a lot. Bulldog

BFC taking all the time.

helaoeow dx

You never let us win anymore. If you do it doesn’t even cover our bet. It used to be fun but not anymore!!!

Hard to win

1 Red Flower

BF has all the power to let you win. It seems the only ones that win are in Legend. The only thing that keeps me here is the friends I have made.


Twin Two Peaks1

Just can’t win anything. I might just delete this app. I’m not having any fun, just frustration.


becer mind

Not enough winning and not enough bonuses for regular players. BigFish only seems to aim to please only big spenders!!!