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Jabra Stealth UC, Jabra SUPREME, Jabra MOTION and their UC variants come with a free Jabra CONNECT smartphone app, which is loaded with features that will let you customize your experience to suit your preferences as well as control all your call on multiple devices from within the application. The application interacts actively with your Stealth UC, SUPREME and MOTION headsets giving you access to additional premium features.
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By installing the Jabra CONNECT application your smartphone can act as a control center for the devices you have connected to your headset. In that way you can control all calls from PC softphone or smartphones from the application.
Furthermore the application let you choose between three different profiles, to make sure you have the perfect sound settings based on where you are – in your office, outdoors or in your car. You can enable or disable the active noise cancellation at any given time. The smooth, intuitive visual interface of the app lets you see how much battery you have left on your headset in your smartphone display to alert you when it’s time to recharge. Using this app, you can even record audio notes and save them on your app or share them via email. A new feature called Find my Jabra can help you locating a lost headset. When enabled, it will store the position of where your headset has been used  last and display it on a map. In case the headset is still connected, use Find my Jabra to send a Beacon tone to the headset to locate it by ear.
Enjoy all these great features and more when you download the Jabra CONNECT app. Note that Jabra CONNECT application only works in conjunction with the Jabra Stealth UC, Jabra SUPREME, Jabra MOTION headsets and their UC variants.


Problem: Not Connected
Anton DM

It says Not Connected, but my Jabra Supreme UC is connected to my iPhone 5 and I can make calls etc. Tried pairing the device again, but still no luck. Please fix. Thank you.

Problum connecting

Plz help me app not connected my jabra supreme


This app has no real use, the confusion I had was thinking that this was a multi volume controller that was compatible with all jabra products but it should say all jabra products except bt3030 oh and whoever takes the time to read this, don't buy a bt3030. It's crap cause as soon as you get to %50 battery, the warning tone goes off every 10 seconds or less stopping music. And if u need another reason it disconnects for no reason at %100 battery. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong but despite all forums and troubleshooting provided by jabra, I can't get it to work properly.

Problem Connecting

I have a Jabra Supreme and no matter what I do, Jabra connect still will not connect with my Supreme. Worthless app.

What for
Lord Colsworth

What was this app made for? It does nothing. I don't mean that it doesn't do what I would like. I mean that it has no use at all.

Does nothing

The only thing it does for my Jabra Stone 3 is give me sound profiles and some voice recorder. Doesn't my iPhone already have a voice recorder? Don't bother to download if you have a Stone 3.

Can't connect to the headset

iOS 6.1.3, iPhone 4

Won't connect to headset

The app doesn't recognize I have my jabra stone3 connected to my phone and the app never does anything. Just says connect headset.

Not very good!

Really… pretty much… A piece of crap.


Great success! Very nice I like!

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