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Creating your own holiday light show is as simple as a tap of your finger. Choose from a selection of following pre-programmed functions that synchronised to iTwinkle WiFi lights.
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Entertainment Free Beijing Kywoo Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can connect multi-lights with WiFi and control them.
Key features:
Dimmer, myColor, Pattern and customize.



Ge should completely be ashamed about this product they put out !! Complete trash !!


13.0 broke this app. Also no longer works on iPad.

WiFi is not working
Slightly Numb

I bought these lights a couple of years ago, I’ve connected to the app before and it worked, I loved the colors. But this year I am unable to connect to the iTwinkle WiFi. It comes up on my phone as iTwinkle 01 or iTwinkle 02 but then doesn’t recognize that WiFi and asks me to connect to “iTwinkle WiFi”. I have been trying to figure it out for over an hour now, supper annoying, Is there a trick I am missing!? Can anyone help me!? Lol

WiFi issue
GB Mike2

I also had issues with WiFi using my iPhone. I went to the website for the instruction PDF, but the sight now only has links to other Christmas light merchants. I then downloaded the app onto my iPad and amazingly it worked. However it now seems if I’m connected to iTwinkle WiFi I’m no longer connected to my home WiFi. Too bad this software is not being maintained. My granddaughters love to select different colors for the lights.

Can’t connect

After using this for a few years now I’m no longer able to connect. Very frustrated

Unable to connect to WiFi

Same here. I have 8 sets that I’d like to control but it’s getting more difficult year after year. This year, I’m simply not able to have the app recognize that I am indeed connected to WiFi 1 ( or 2 or 3...). It is very, very annoying and wish GE (and the 3rd party stamping the GE logo) would step up and fix what should be a simple connection!!!

Same problem as others.

The app won’t connect to the lights this year.

Horrible Product!!!!!

Spent 3 hours trying to use correct WiFi and absolutely no luck. Wanted to change the color but it would not even reset or (master reset). I finally accepted to take them down off of my house and give up. All that work for nothing. I will never buy this product again. Don’t even try to contact they won’t answer and they will not give you a refund. I’m going to have to go with another product this year.

Need app update

I have enjoyed these lights for three years, but as others have mentioned, it hasn’t been updated and the app no longer allows you to effectively connect to the strand’s WiFi. I was able to work around this by using an old iPad that has not had any recent operating system updates. It works as usual on it. Hopefully they will update the app soon.

Bad product

The app for the tree doesn’t work so now we can’t use the tree

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