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It'sMe Casting - Live Streaming Video

It’sMe Casting is a live streaming platform where you can share your moments and talents! It allows you to fully express yourself. We offer you a community where you will meet amazing people and make new friends! Your stage is ready. Just announce it to the world on “It’s Me!”
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-  Live Streaming – It’sMe gives you the spotlight to do what you do best: BE YOU. Announce to everyone “It is me, who is unique to this world”!
-  Content Variety – Join It’sMe and discover a wide variety of content: from music and dancing to extreme sports and comedy routines.
-  Real Time – Broadcasters and viewers alike can interact and engage in real time. It’s full on engagement without delay.
-  Anytime, Anywhere – Broadcast yourself without limit. Be present now.
We welcome and appreciate all feedback we receive. Your opinions help us create a better experience for everyone. Feel free to use the feedback function within the app. You can also email us at [email protected] with your comments and suggestions. This app is in our pilot phase, so we look forward to hearing from you!


Never loads
Firstly Lastness

Never gets past opening screen. Doesn’t Apple remove abandoned apps like this?

Not bad, but still too new

Needs some work. I can tell it's a really NEW app so maybe w/ time it will get better. Needs more users, did not like the fact that the display while recording wasn't full screen & it could use some cool filters. I might return one day, when it isn't so brand new

Fun and engaging

I like this app because it lets you get interpersonal with the broadcasters and develop a relationship. The app is also pretty steady and im able to watch most streams smoothly. It's a new launch so I think with time this could become a fun way to connect with talented people. Keep up the good work!

New player in the video streaming game!
RC Williams

This app is pretty cool. You can live stream your talents to the world and they have a setup for you to get paid for it. Functionality is good and I provided some additional feedback which they responded to.

Interactive and Entertaining

Itsme excels in engaging the audience and is one of my favorite apps. Live streaming is one of the most enjoyable aspects the App Store has to offer and itsme has perfected that. I would recommend everyone download it!~

Fun Times

Really cool and fun! I love meeting new people and I feel like these are my real friends. Ha I meet people all over he world from my bedroom

S-e-x-y dude

I doesn't even let me sign up

Really Awesome!

It seems like a new app. Lots of pretty girls chat with fans.

Great app
Prisella X

I love this app. It's really great app. I had so much fun there q