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Is-it Love? Matt - Interactive is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

Good game but..,

Queen alsina04

It's a very good game and story but the energy isn't working out for me every time the story gets good u are out of energy 😨😨plz fix it

Great game


I love it so far I wish there was no energy thing but I love it

Good concept


I recently downloaded each of these games. The art style, and story is good. I’m hearing from other reviewers that there are sound effects, but maybe you need earphones for those. The main downside to these unfortunately like everyone says os the energy it takes. Few ideas. 1 instead of a sentence costing energy, block them in segments. End on cliffhangers if you really want people to buy energy. Not just the next normal thing to say. This would also help people remember what was going on the next day, if they choose not to. 2 more videos 3 more chances at the mini game 4 supply and demand evaluation of the energy potions. I think you will find that by decreasing the price, you will get far more customers buying them. For example.. $10x600 a day $6,000 I believe halving the price would more double the second number. I bet every dollar down would be like an exponent to that current rate. Maybe not as dramatic, but still. $9-700, $8-850, $7-1,050, $6-1,300, $5-1,600 $5x1,600=40,900 That with the additional adds would pull in much greater revenue for you. Also the Ryan story might be a little hot for 12 year olds. 21 and if I had a daughter I’d hate to catch her reading that first secret scene before she was 16. Probably going to put this on each of them..

I love it

Smurf nurse 920

It’s vary fun and since you need energy points it keeps me on the edge of my seat 🙀🙀🙀🙀

I love...


...getting caught up and taken somewhere else for a bit!!!

I'm officially obsessed


I love this series and I'm just itching for new chapters! Keep doing such a great job and I will keep coming back for more.

Not worth the effort for the bill

Maybe I Wrote This

I’ve been back and forth with my feelings towards this game. I finally have arrived at “I regret ever downloading it.” It would have been easier to have headed the warnings other reviewers gave on the money grubbing exploits of the people who decided to throw this together. I do understand this takes time and money to make. This however is taking advantage. I don’t mind putting money into a game I like especially if I do it in spaces. If you space it out it makes it not seem like such a big deal, but the return has got to be worth it. This was not. It’s a good thing you can’t see how much energy you’re losing as you go from single line of dialogue to single, maybe shorter, line of dialogue. It seems almost intentional. I thought paying $8.99 would get me pretty far, not really. I barely made it over a chapter. Then it’s about $2 to unlock the special scene you just unlocked by making all the right choices. Like an idiot I paid it thinking “well I earned it and if I don’t decide now I won’t get to later.” I have also made the mistake of restarting a chapter because the game glitched and there went my 8.99. There’s no going back. I went back day after day trying to regain my progress because I didn’t plan on shoving out more money. I deleted the game before because I was frustrated but redownloaded it again because curiosity. I tried doing more days of not paying and the progression time is microscopically slow. So again I paid. I lost track of how many times in total I did and for how much each. It wasn’t worth it. There doesn’t even appear to be an ending to this game beyond completing the first season. I could be wrong about the meaning behind a second season. After coming to the conclusion of it not being worth it to pay more money, especially with starting to lose interest, I decided to wait. I wanted my energy to build up because I thought maybe them giving me 300 each day might mean I didn’t have to use them all at once. Maybe. My maybe was dead wrong. Go figure though I was only hoping. In that time period of waiting I stopped caring and I decided to delete this game for the final time.



Doesn’t need gems or anything! Better easy now I can get to Matt.

Es buena la historia


Pero, ahora hagan una de Daryl Please ! Que le también me gusta mucho, inclusive creo que más que Matt

Amazing story but ridiculous at the same time


Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the story and all but....... the energy is an issue. When you get 300 energy I would expect at least half the chapter as I read such as other dating/story games I have played. 10 energy is just for every click you do during the reading and you don’t get too far just with 300. I have paid for energy but now it’s just ridiculous and I gave up on the whole point of wasting money for this game.