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Is-it Love? Matt - Interactive is free iOS app published by 1492 Studio SARL

Energy problem


I understand that you'd want people to come back to play your game, but please find a better solution for the energy. Maybe reduce each energy to "5" instead of "10" Most of the dialogue is filler and not important to the progression of our love story. Provide more videos/ads for us to watch: id be more than happy to watch a million videos if it means I get 300 energy replenished. It's a win-win in my opinion.

Please Read


I really like these stories and enjoy the entertainment it brings. However, there is not nearly enough read time. Even when I pay money- I do not feel satisfied with the amount I am given to read and feel that my hard earned dollar is not worth giving to this app because of that. I can give tips and I would be glad to update my review if I find that anything in it was at least considered. The part that most hits me in a wrong way is that by the time (24 hours) I get back to where I stopped, I can not remember what was going on in the story. If there was a free way to reread just the last few lines before getting to the new parts within my 300 free energies, it would make a world of difference for me and may even urge me more to spend money because I have now gotten a fair chance of "feeling" the story again. Secondly, the 5 second ad that pops up and gives me zero credit for watching it- that's just annoying. 3rd, the shuffling card game at the end to get 100 free energies...Is it made for the purpose of annoying the reader? Does it HAVE to have a popup? I feel it's misleading the reader to give them the option of "winning more" or take it. If you are giving free 100 energies, please let it be a pleasant few minutes to play it. I can totally deal w the 30 second ad after the shuffle game but just playing the shuffle game makes me not want to play the app at all. I am a positive person and I do not like giving anything less than 5 stars, I hope your team can reconsider some of these things.

Awesome story, yet cheap on energy.


I absolute love this game. The story line and characters are fantastic. However, my issue is the energy. 300 energy points daily may seem enough but it isn't in my opinion. You go through your energy so quickly that everything feels short. In fact, it is short. To be fair, I've purchased some energy points just to continue more of the game. But it adds up and that's a lot of money you've spent, depending on what kind of energy you're buying and how often. But other than that, it's definitely worth playing this game.

Great but...


Love the game but I wish they would make it more "affordable" or give you more points to advance a little day each day

Five Stars


I'm Have Fun And I Fell Inlove

I like it, but...


Honestly: I love the games. But energy doesn’t get you very far, it doesn’t regenerate very quickly, and the amount of money to get more to, again, not go very far is outrageous. For that reason I’ll only give it 3 stars. The game itself is worth a 5 star rating, I just wish the energy carried you further or you had more a day!!! Only complaint though 🤗

I want a Matt, too :b

B Ran D

I wish there were options for saving special scenarios or whatever like in other otome but otherwise I like the simplicity of it and props to the writers & artists! I'm totally hooked. For people complaining about energy, I wonder if they've played other otome at all, because this is very typical to my experience. Surely it's frustrating to have to stop reading, but all apps of this type give limited access per day unless you buy more.

I like this set up the best!


So I’ve got several other dating sims or whatever you want to call them, like shall we date? One thing I noticed when comparing was that the others have a lot of gimmicks to make it seem like your getting more story, but in reality it’s the same if not less. I like this the best because you’re not forced to raise your your own characters grace point or glamour or whatever else they could think up. Another thing I noticed was a lot more choices. On the others I’m lucky if I get one question each time I play, and so far on Matt I’ve gotten 2 or 3 questions each time. Also any money you spend goes straight to story(in the form of points to get more story) but the other ones create an entire store to squeeze money out for no reason. At least on Matt I know it’s going straight towards more story and not some random item I must wear to impress my guy in order for the premium story. So Matt works well enough free, and still straightforward if you buy points, and I actually get to make a couple of choices per play. So I’ll definitely be trying more of these.

Too frustrating...


I hate the energy system for this series. I’d much rather pay for the whole story and get to read and make decisions as much as I want rather than wait for this stupid energy which depletes way too fast. Sometimes I’ll watch a dumb ad just to earn more money and most of the time it doesn’t even register that I did it! Wish they had a setup like Voltage where you could just pay a set price for the whole story. The plot and lovable characters are the only reason this review is getting two stars.

It’s awesome but...


It’s an awesome game but you have to be patient. You don’t get enough free energy to play so it takes longer. If the developer would give more energy for free I’m sure more people would play.