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You are the game's heroine, the choices you make influence the love story.
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For three months now, you’ve been working at Carter Corp a company founded by the mysterious R. Carter and based in New York.
You immediately get on well with your work colleague, Matt Ortega. A charming and sweet guy, who seems to always find words that make you smile. You feel extremely attracted to him and have set your mind on seducing him. But the moment you move up a gear, his brother steps in and his arrival may well change things...

This is YOUR story!

You are the heroine of this free scenario game! Beyond simply reading, the choices you make influence the story and its final outcome.
New stories and new chapters are regularly released allowing you to live the love story you’ve always dreamed of.


Matt Ortega : graphic designer
Teasing, sensitive, creative, sporty.
25 years old, single, epicurean.
Distinguishing feature : Warm­hearted Bad boy.
Star sign : Scorpio.
“I know, I’m so bright that I light up your days”.

Daryl Ortega : Undisclosed.
Insolent, daring, passionate.
25 years old, single, audacious.
Distinguishing feature : Latino Bad boy.
Star sign : Scorpio.
“Each and every forbidden pleasure is worth living”.

Ryan Carter : Founder and director of the company.
Magnetic, charismatic, guiding, bright, intimidating.
26 years old, single, multimillionaire.
Distinguishing feature : Control freak.
Star sign : Sagittarius.
“Miss, there is nothing that I can’t have.”

Mark Leviels : Managing director of a company branch.
Intellectual, ambitious, calm, accessible.
28 years old, work addict.
Distinguishing feature : never without his smartphone.
Star sign : Libra
“Choosing means dropping something. I choose to devote myself to my job.”

Gabriel Simons : Manager
Outgoing, manipulative, insolent, tactile.
28 years old, single, “serial lover”.
Distinguishing feature : Uses his seduction asset.
Star sign : Leo.
“ I fought to get where I am. I know how demanding one must be.”

Cassidy Sparke : Human Resources manager
Cold, haughty, social climber.
25 years old, single.
Distinguishing feature : is very self­confident.
Star sign : Capricorn.
“I can ruin your career with a single snap of my fingers.”

Colin Spencer : programmer
Curt, terse, mysterious;
25 years old, single, somber.
Distinguishing feature : leader of a heavy metal group.
Star sign : Pisces.

Lisa Parker : secretary
Gentle, sociable, competent, loyal.
24 years old, single.
Distinguishing feature : is always smiling.
Star sign : Virgo.
“On bad days, I look at my smiley post­it and it helps me smile.”

Fantastic illustrations.

The further you go in the Otome game, the more beautiful pictures you will unlock which will illustrate your romance!

But beware of the choices you make! They influence the unravelling of the illustrations and the unlocking of secret scenes! But no worries, you’ll still have the possibility of playing the game or a certain chapter again to unlock the pictures you might have missed!

And much more...

Discover the secret love stories, the new flirt stories and much more.

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Free Download

“Is it Love” is a free game. You do however, have the possibility of buying bonus points. You can deactivate your purchase possibilities through your device set-up.

Internet connection required, some additional fees may be applied.


Me encanta
Anitta Espino

Me encanta

Great game

I love this game besides I hate waiting for more energy

the girl named sarha

Terrible I wasted over 200 hundred dollars

Points issue

I truly love this game. I do have an issue with the 300 daily points. When I get on and tap maybe five pages, it told me I was out of points. Which highly upset me. That forces you into buying more to know what’s going to happen next. I’ve spent money on all the ‘Is it love’ games which I don’t mind. I love the games. However the little amount of points you receive and how many pages you get through are not enough. You should have enough to get through half the chapter if not more, maybe even take away the point system all together. I’d like to get through more than five pages before my points somehow magically disappear. Paying $9.99 for 5,800 point and feeling like I’ve only gotten through 250 pages isn’t cool in anyone’s book. The point system needs some serious revaluations. Other than this the game keeps you wanting for more.

Good, but expensive
Me n my kids

Should be able to get through a chapter at least a day!

Me encanta

Me gusta mucho el juego pero lo único que no me gusta es que se acabe rápido la energía, fuera de eso todo esta bien •<•b

It’s amazing but can do better :)

I absolutely love this game, but the fact that you have to wait a day for 300 energies, is too long. I think it’d be a better idea if it’d be 300 energies every 1-2 hours. That would definitely make me rate it 5/5 stars. Besides the energy problem, everything else is awesome!!

Pretty good stories but not enough energy to read them

Story seems pretty good so far. But you only get enough energy A DAY to read a few lines so it’s kind of hard to get a feel for the story and remember what is going on. You do have the option to buy energy. Which I feel it’s over priced for how fast the energy goes. I would have really enjoyed being able to read this story and perhaps I would even buy energy if it was worth the dollar amount and I could actually get into the story. I think a lot of your readers would appreciate a better energy/point system. Most the other “Story” games give you enough energy, points, tickets, what’s ever it may be to actually read the story and get you hooked an they will refill within a few hrs. Also the prices to refill your “energy” on the other apps are to par with the amount you get to read. I do believe this app has some good stories but the energy it takes to be able to read and how long it takes to refill is ridiculous.

Don’t know where the five stars are for

They give you 300 energy that doesn’t last even half and episode. And the stories are so out of your control. Indecisive and almost teenager like.

Wonderful game

I would give this game 5 stars if it wasn’t for the point system, it’s a wonderful story, but I hate having to wait a whole day to be able to play. Maybe it it was more points, or like reloading itself every half hour, you would have more people playing. But it’s a wonderful game just hate I have to either purchase points or wait a whole day!