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iPrioritize - Prioritize Your Day to Day Life Easily

Helps your realise what's important
What's not.

A Must Have App.

For Personal or Professional use.Be Smart be Organised with iPrioritize.



Not very useful.


I am very confused by this app - so far, it hasn't done anything that it says it's supposed to do. Even the examples in the on-line "Quickstart guide" doesn't look like the app that is installed on my iPhone. It is supposed to allow you to enter a project, then ask you six questions, enter the tasks necessary to complete the project, and use the questions to help you to prioritize your projects. So far, none of this has happened. It has asked me for my "Goals" (not projects), and then asked me to put in the steps to achieve that goal, and that's it. So far, it's useless! I am hoping that I have an old or unfinished version, and that something new will develop soon - otherwise, this is just a poor attempt I can do on a sheet of paper.

No instructions

There is no place that tells how to delete a goal. Website shows entirely different application, listing projects and tasks. My app is showing goals and steps

Needs tutorial

After writing a scathing 1-star review for iPrioritize, I showed my wife the app and stumbled on the functionality I thought was missing. So, in case, like me, you find yourself thinking that goals can be created but not deleted, that tasks can be deleted but not created, and that tasks are not linked to goals...make sure to tap on the goal _cell_, and not just on the goal disclosure triangle! If the "Help" tab actually offered the developer's suggested workflow, rather than just a set of inspirational quotes, it might have gotten at least 3 stars as a starting grade.

Great app - use the instruction videos

This is a great app, I have loved having it on my iPad and iPhone, and I found it via Happy Thoughts App which my kids love. The other reviewer.. Didn't look through the app and blamed the app, but the app is really clever. I contacted them and they have a whole training program. Give it a go and experiment is my advice. You set a goal, then steps, and it helps you stay focussed.. Awesome work and sorry for the other person not really experimenting or following through. I have paid up to $20k a month for business coaching and for the tiny investment this is worth every penny a hundred fold.

Great app

Great app

Doesn't seem to be complete

This app could be great if it does what it's supposed to do. It doesn't allow me to do anything except add a goal with a description and that's all it does! I went to the help link and found that the help screens showed options that aren't available in the actual app and at this point the app us worthless. Save your money and time!

Great Application
Hermann Braasch

Good job guys keep it up

Can't save steps

When I add a new step on a goal I can't save it or cancel. The app just stays there. Crappy app.

Good Concept / Bad Programming

The concept of asking questions about tasks to help prioritize them is very useful. And the questions are well designed. Unfortunately the page layout programming is so primitive that the app is almost worthless. Only about 15 characters of a task title are visible at one time. You can only see the first 15 characters or the last 15 characters. Any characters in between are inaccessible. So a week later after you have written the title for a task and you go back to update status goal status you can't figure out what the task titles are.

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