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iPass is the world’s largest Wi-Fi network, offering convenient, secure, always-on Wi-Fi access on any mobile device.
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* Get unlimited Wi-Fi access on unlimited devices. No more fees for going over data limits.

* Stay connected everywhere you need to be. With nearly 62 million hotspots worldwide, iPass keeps you connected in airports, hotels, planes, trains, public venues and your local café.

* Save time getting connected. iPass makes connecting easy with single sign-on and one click activation.

See whether your company is an iPass customer by visiting us at www.ipass.com/activate/.


Never works
Editer in Chef

I travel a ton and use Delta exclusively. Sadly this app NEVER works. From one software developer to another - take pride in your work. This is garbage.


For me, this app has one purpose...get me on Gogo when I fly. For the past several trips it has not worked...at all. It is SOOOO frustrating as a paying iPass customer to consider paying again for wifi from the airline. Might be time to drop iPass all together and subscribe directly despite it being more expensive....unreliable isn’t a savings.


Not worth paying for. Never works.


App crashes as soon as you open it.

Works at most 5 days a year if not less

Works at most 5 days a year if not less

Doesn’t even open

The app crashes as soon as I launch it and doesn’t work. What even is the point?

Improved performance and cool new additions!

Love the new HSF and speed test, but I am happy with just the overall better response from the app and the messaging associated with it.

Super useful

The addition of the offline hotspot locator was quite helpful

Crash City

The poor functionality of this app is quickly outweighing its usefulness. I used to use iPass quite a bit and having it on the phone was great, but now it only seems to crash every time I I try to use it.

Wi-Fi matters

Excellent app to stay connected with Wi-Fi on the go and save on those roaming charges. Loving iPass Open Mobile app on my iPad and iPod!