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iOctocat - Mobile client for GitHub is free iOS app published by Dennis Reimann

Great, but no private repos


It's a great app, however, all of my projects are in private repositories, so this was of no help at all since it only shows public repos.

Lovely App


Lots of cool features, love that it is constantly being improved upon. Perfect for checking issues and pull requests on the fly.

Great app


Super useful for all Github users. Thank you very much.

The superior choice over CodeHub


I tried both of these apps side by side, and iOctocat won. It's an overall better interface and experience, though if I'm being honest, I don't like that you have to shell out money just to be able to comment.



Best solution for the Github power user.

Notifications are worthless


The push notification functionality in Pro doesn't replicate what's in Github's email notifications, and as an engineering team lead I need to know things in the notification like PR #.

Great design


Great for all GitHub users

Great app, notifications need work

Eric B for President

This app is an invaluable tool for me. Unfortunately the notifications have never worked. I'm uninstalling and reinstalling now and have sent feedback to the developer.

I love this app


This app is awesome and very well done! I upgraded to the pro version and it is very worth it. I can easily check pull requests and issues. I use this app all the time for managing my GitHub issues. Thank you.



Couldn't even view my code. Not a very useful app.

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