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iOctocat - Mobile client for GitHub is free iOS app published by Dennis Reimann

Fantastic mobile GitHub client

Former Apple Employee Chad

What can I say? It's the best mobile GitHub client out there. If you want to keep track of your repos on the go, you need this.

Best Github App

Zeno Popovici

Has everything you need in a clean easy to use interface.

Best GitHub experience for mobile!


Great app! Love it! Being able to interact with GitHub on-the-go is fantastic. If you have any issues with the app then the developer is very quick to respond. (Also, it's open source now, so you could always just fix it yourself!)

TL;DR: Money well spent


This app has allowed me to keep close tabs on all of my projects effortlessly for years. The UI stays out of the way, and let's me keep in touch with teammates. In addition to the functionality it offers, I appreciate the app's seamless integration with the iOS look and feel.

Fantastic app


Great UI. Very easy and fast for me to check my team's updates.

Not bad!


Quite nice tool for referencing Github repos on the go. I wish the layout on the iPad was a bit more efficient (maybe keep the sidebar permanently visible?) rather than being just a blown up iPhone app.

Gets the job done


Love being able to keep track of things easily while on the go

Best GitHub app for iOS

Freya Meyer

Indispensable for using GitHub in a team while on the go.

Great mobile github interface


I couldn't ask for more out of a github interface on the go. It's design feels almost like a native github app

Very good


My go-to app for viewing GitHub repos on the go. UI is clean and easy to use.

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