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iOctocat - Mobile client for GitHub is free iOS app published by Dennis Reimann

Best GitHub app on iOS.


I've been looking for a good GitHub app for iOS and found it in iOctocat. It was wonderful on iOS 7. I noticed with iOS 8 it is starting to crash pretty frequently. I am sending crash reports to the developer. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

Upgrade, uninstall, reinstall, restore, reauthenticate...


Very difficult to get the in-app upgrade to work...

Wonderful app -- even better support!


iOctocat is fantastic. Design-wise, it fits in perfectly with the new iOS 7 aesthetic, complete with swipe to go back, a nice clean color scheme and using (presumably) text kit. Feature-wise, it can do most everything you'd expect to be able to do on an iOS github client -- view profiles, commits, and even comment -- all with notifications! You can even open up links to github just by changing http:// in Safari to ioc:// -- just that simple. Then, there's the support -- Dennis responded to app feedback (which is built into the application in the sidebar) within 12 hours of my feedback with more information related to comments I made, acknowledging requests I had and explaining that it was already on the way, and finally he helped me with an issue I encountered regarding push notifications. The wonderful support alone is worth the cost of the app. Buy it.

Good app too expensive.


Pretty good app, just way too expensive....this guy must be making a killing.


Astrology Believer

Very helpful and beautiful app. If only it was truly 100% free...

Great for keeping up with github and browsing


I find myself spending more time in this app than on github. It works brilliantly in allowing one to go from the activity feed all the down to the meat of the commits. I do think that there might be a way to make it better still though; requiring fewer taps to get through the very hierarchical interface.

Most used app

A humble fan

Quickly became the most used app on my phone by far. Full featured, well worth the upgrade price (to me). Bugs, while inevitable, are few and rare. If you contribute daily, this is your app. I would suggest making search closer to the top (like FB) or let you reorganize the column in general. Editing of files would be total icing on a tasty cake. Not a daily thing but often need to modify a readme or a single line of code on the go.

The bee's knee's


Awesome Github client! Does everything I want

Best GitHub client


Expensive but worth it



Well endowed. Minimal yet functional.

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