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iOctocat - Mobile client for GitHub is free iOS app published by Dennis Reimann

Only reliable way to get push notifications from github


There are many github apps out there, but this is the only one that's effective at managing notifications. It's especially nice that conversations appear in reverse-chronological order so you don't have to scroll forever when opening at an issue.

I love this app


This app is awesome and very well done! I upgraded to the pro version and it is very worth it. I can easily check pull requests and issues. I use this app all the time for managing my GitHub issues. Thank you.

Likely phishing attack

Grayson FooBar

Appears to be a phishing attack. Immediately after downloading and opening the app, I was presented with a pop-up. It said that it was missing an app receipt, and asked for Apple Store credentials so that it could properly handle updates in the future. It seems unlikely that this is an actual error from Apple. I tried re-downloading the app and opening it again, and I got the same error. Other apps that I downloaded had no problems starting up.

App receipt problem


On launch the app reports a problem with the app receipt and then asks for iTunes credentials. Some signing problem perhaps?

Pretty good


Does what it says on the tin. I had trouble browsing, cloning, and reading code though. The latter was a pain because I wanted to look at the code inside repos that I found through the GitHub explore emails.

love it but i want little feature


i want feature that can search gist snippet by hash tag or keyword. this can make this app perfect

Git for your iPad


Git for your iPad, needs iPad Pro optimization

Need Bitbucket support


Works fine on github. Paid for the pro upgrade only to discover that, unlike many other iOS clients, this one can't login to my Bitbucket server. Not pleased.

Great functionality, no reliable


Love this app but for the past few months it has been very, very prone to crashing. It hasn't made it "useless" yet but it is approaching that point. Really hope to see a stability update come along as I'd really like to rate this as 5 stars.



Great github client! Dev is very responsive to bug reports, one of my favorite features.

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