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Do you have friends in finance? Now you do. Meet Investmate: a reliable and helpful education app with a profound knowledge of CFD trading.
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Investmate has a lot to offer: courses, tips, quizzes, a glossary of terms and thought-provoking financial content. With all this handy stuff in one app, you can learn from the very fundamentals to the ins and outs of investing: you’ll learn what a CFD is, how to tell a forward from a futures contact, and why the Dow Jones index growth indicates positive changes.

Investmate is:

• Professional. All our comprehensive courses, with real-world examples, have been developed by experts to make an expert of you.

• Personalised. The in-app feed gives you tailored courses, engaging quizzes, helpful glossary categories, curiosity piquing educational videos to meet your needs and skills.

• Mobile. Enabling learning on-the-go with as little as 3 minutes to complete one lesson and short interactive quizzes to check your progress.

• Comprehensive. The detailed jargon-free financial glossary that makes complicated notions easy.

• Straightforward. Clear and plain interface with info presented in cards and a pin option to remember and get back to the material.

Download the Investmate app for free and dive into learning finance right away.

Trading is risky and you may lose all of your invested capital.

Regulated by the CySEC, license #319/18.


This app is copy paste of Trading Game

Good job, you copied app and put in different design!

Simple, Sufficient, Effective

Simple well designed app for learning the ABC’s of finance.

Works well!! And love the design!!

I accidentally found this app while browsing for investment apps. Downloaded, tried, and loved it. Really love the info and the card design!!

Not for USA

This is for the UK market


The way this app is structured makes the learning process easier and more enjoyable. I wish there would be a similarly app for fx trading.

It’s easy and flexible
Olivia fantasiana

The Flashcards are easy and not complicated and I like the quizzes

Surprisingly helpful!!

I’ve always wanted to get into investing but lack of knowledge about market trends and just how it all works in general has kept me at bay. This app really makes me feel like I’m gaining a true understanding of how investing works and how to come up with an investment plan that works for me. It has made me excited to get started. Highly recommended to anyone looking to start investing but not knowing where to start !!

A dictionary

Teaches terminology more than the mechanics. I wanted to have deeper knowledge on these topics. Okay for beginners to learn terminology, but no way you can learn investing with this limited information. Trend quizzes are nice but answers are always obvious. Good UI so I will give an extra star for that. Overall I expected more from the app...

Enjoyable app

I’m really enjoying this app and learning some new concepts. I’m a beginner but explanations are clear and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Plus, I’m learning a lot too

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