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Can you beat simple and easy quizzes and mini games when everything are the other way around or inverted?
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Ok, here's the truth. Our only programmer was admitted to mental institution and left us with shocking unfinished game where everything are inverted. After spending weeks trying to fix it myself without success we said "what the hell" and decided to simply invert the logic of this game instead...

This is a very stressful game. Take a long warm shower after playing this game to get you back to normal non-inverted world.


-Simple but yet brain draining gameplay
-Weird mini games such as avoiding, shooting, tilting, picture matching
-Fun sound effects and music (no, they are not inverted, thank God!)
-Checkpoints and continue
-Funny but stressful quizzes and challenges


You should not do the following activities within 30 minutes after playing this game:

- Driving
- Operating heavy machinery
- Go on a date
- Take exam

We don't take any responsibility of any action you do after playing this game.


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