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Instasize Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Munkee Apps L.L.C.

Annoying even to try out


First, it tried to get me to sign up for premium when I just wanted to check out the basic. It was annoying. I couldn’t go a couple of minutes w/out the “premium” option popping up. Second, in the collage mode I couldn’t get the text mode to work. Maybe it is only for premium, but it didn’t say so. Lastly, I couldn’t access the collage. Maybe you can only access in premium. What is the point of having a basic (non-premium) download if you can’t use it? Plus the monthly price is too high for casual users like myself, so the premium is a bad deal. Just sell the premium and don’t make the rest of us waste our time.

You have to pay to continue


I spent 10 minutes editing my photo to make it look amazing and when I calico done it wont even let me save it. You have to pay for premium in order to save it.

Perfect for your needs


Really good app does what you need it to do and very cool stuff!

Love it!!!


Love being able to use this app to enhance my photos for my Pampered Chef business

My fav app!

Dayana Avramova

I do really love this app. Very user friendly and nice to work and editing my photos! Thank you!

Works good





How we do trial

I have never agreed to pay for this app


Please cancel my subscription. I have never agreed to pay for this app and i do not want to use it. However I don’t know how to log out from it. Please remove my account.

Omggggg! Love ittttt


This app is amazinggggg


Twisted dreams

I cannot believe that they were almost $40 a month for this application it would be kind of nice if it was free or are you have a subscription amount I don’t think any app is worth $40 a month