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Instasize Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Munkee Apps L.L.C.

Used to be useful


Can't place more than one text box without saving, opening the new video with the text box, then adding a new one. Limited text and color options. ONLY good for squaring photos. Have to use another app for rounded edges or any other border shape. Pic Stitch is much better!



Crops out most of my pictures :(

Cool app


But seriously, the ads need to chill. I wanna upload a selfie, not play a bootleg candy crush

Bring the stickers back!


I like this app but I used to love it. Please bring the stickers back! I will give the 5 stars.



Love it!! Great app!!



I'm really upset that they took off the overlays it was my favorite thing about the app. If only there was a way to down grade so I can get back. Also there's been some bugs with saving photos with this new update ? I hope they bring back the overlays

Not a game changer...


..but does a nice job. I like it enough to not delete.

It used to be better


I don't know why they took away so many features? The overlays, stickers, quotes.. They're all gone. I'll be on the lookout for a more useful app.