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Instasize Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Munkee Apps L.L.C.

With updates you lose purchases.


I’m pretty disappointed with their direction with updates. I had my select filters I purchased and loved for quite some time. Now they have gone to paying monthly for all filters, most of which I will never use. On top of that I lost the filters I had previously purchased. I will no longer be using this ap after their unfortunate changes they have made to nickel and dime customers.



How do I get rid of premium? I’m losing money fast.


A person🀦🏽‍♀️

So some people mite think this is really good witch it is but if you younger and don’t have money to pay every month then this is not a useful app Because you can’t save the video with out paying 5$ a month but you can have a free trial but only if you have payment stuff on your app ID just wanted to put that out there

Too many changes

Brooklyn Caudill

The app use to be good and simple to use. Now you can’t even make a collage without it being a hassle. Try moving the picture and it’ll end up trying to get you to completely move it to a different frame. It’s hard to size it and move now which also causes it to take way too much time now. Will be deleting the app and looking elsewhere for an app that does a better job.



Found something better and free

Not the same


I used to be able to share my full image automatically... now I have to go through a “free trial”?



Muy bueno

Annjolie love heart

anjolie love

Thank you Guys for loving my photos

A little buggy


Sometimes the resized nag doesn’t seem to work.

Love this App!


Always a great outcome using this app to edit all my shots. Loved it!