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Instasize Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Munkee Apps L.L.C.

the best


the best!!!!!!


Stickz Greenz

Your app is like the best thing since pants with pockets, sliced bread, bananas with peels, the fork & condoms. Rock on InstaSize... rock on.

How do i unsubscribe?


How do unsubscribe?

Absolute crap

Shameless in VT

This app use to be so easy to use now it's impossible to move or zoom a photo without it freaking out



Buena app

My favorite app!


This has been my go to for years! The best all around! One stop shop! My must have. 😂🤓 love it so much it’s the only app I’ll ever use for profile pictures

Love it


Love it

Instasize is a joke


This app is ridiculous. So hard to use and I accidentally got the premium version and the app charged my card money every month and I still can’t figure out how to unsubscribe



This is honestly the worst app I’ve ever downloaded and paid for. In order to access anything on the app you had to sign up for and pay for an account. I signed up for the trial and even paid for another month but there is NOTHING special or unique about this app that you can’t find in another for free. Just stay away. You’re better off downloading ANY other photo editing app for free.



Why are you making me pay 😭