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Instasize Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Munkee Apps L.L.C.

Great but please,


Please fix the video option on your app! Every time I try to use it, the video itself isn’t centered properly within the aspect ratio. And when I self center it, once saved to my camera roll, it still moves to a totally different part of the screen. Please fix this and the app will be PERFECT.

Instasize premium


Stuck on the instasize premium free trial screen and it wont let me continue without signing up. Very sad that i will not be able to use this app anymore

Used to love it


I used to love InstaSize and I used it a lot, but now you can hardly use it without having a stupid subscription.

Update requires monthly payments??!??


I have LOVED this app I even paid for several specific filters throughout the two years I’ve had it. But I’m VERY upset with this new update. Originally a fair amount of free filters has now become a $4.99/month subscription, and the ones I had paid for in the past are now no longer available to me? I have to pay $4.99/month to get them back? What kind of update is that?! I want my Spark and Bach filters back that I ALREADY paid a ONETIME $3.99 for. Screw InstaSize, taking my photo editing elsewhere.



This app is great cause it not only allows you to put your pictures in different sizes, you can adjust and the frames are much bigger than other apps.






it hasnt done anything bad tbh and i dont even have the pro version or whatever. ive been using it for the past like 7 months. works perfectly.

Won’t let you pass the free trial prompt


I can’t get past the premium free trial screen to use the regular app, so I wasn’t even able to try it.



The best app for IG


amaya :)

very nice and well organized