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Instasize Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Munkee Apps L.L.C.



Prácticamente la mejor app para fotos de la historia

Okay Don’t Like PopUp Upgrade Notice


Sorry my last review was hasty. Just went in again and realized this is something that pops up repetitively but you may still use it if you’re able to ignore pop ups without being too frustrated. May I suggest that you warn people about the number of pop ups to upgrade or let them select how many times they see it. Perhaps mention it once and after they’ve used it for a little bit and gotten to know how it works, like it then they may elect to upgrade without a feeling of being held hostage to the ad.

Must have!


I always use InstaSize for all of my pictures on instagram! I love having white borders!



Had to pay for everything



I signed up months ago for a free trial and I emailed them and insta messaged them and they never responded. I wanted a refund because I didn’t use it because it didn’t meet my expectation. I would like my refund for the two or three months I had it. This app isn’t even on my phone anymore after I uninstalled it after 2 days.

No better than what I could do myself


I literally don’t understand the point of this app. Useless.



The app delivers what promises but very poor with every time adverts. Annoyingly pushing to buy premium version.



I love all the filters and how you can resize it. Use this app all the time

Instant Uninstall


No free trial without signing up for subscription. Could not find a way around it to even test the app. Instant uninstall.

Teaser app


After trying out app, a pop up appears to start a free trial. In other words, they let you try out and then they expect you pay for premium