Instasize Photo Editor Reviews

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Instasize Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Munkee Apps L.L.C.

Not happy


Didn’t like the app because I have to commit to a trial and I was hoping to get it free. 😕

love it, but ugh


i’ve used instasize for YEARS now, before they ever had the subscription deal, and before you had to make an account for instasize. i used it so much that i purchased about 3-5 different filter packs about a year or two ago. but recently, the developers changed to a monthly subscription instead of buying certain packs. when they did that, i lost all the filters i bought. i would gladly get the subscription, but i already spent about $10+ on filters i used constantly that were just taken from me, and i’m also a teen who doesn’t have a job, so i can’t exactly always have the money for said subscription. i tried emailing the company about this, because it really irritates me that i spent money......on basically nothing now, but it wouldn’t go through, in a way that makes me think the email listed in the app description doesn’t work. i want to know if these filters can somehow be restored or something, because i even hit “restore purchases” and nothing happened. idk if it’s because i didn’t have an instasize account or what, but it’s really, really frustrating. ***edit: problem solved!!! amazing customer service, seriously it’s unreal, and it’s still the best app i’ve ever used for editing !!!



Love this app

You have to pay!


There’s no way you don’t need to subscribe to their premium. Free app? What a load of bull.



Fresh !

“Free” trial


I decided to use this app to edit my photos. What I didn’t know is that you can’t do anything with it without getting the “free” trial. I was looking at the information on the trial when I noticed that after the free week it was going to start charging me anyways! Basically it was going to give me one week to use the premium then start charging me for it anyways. It wasn’t a trial at all, I realized just me committing to start paying after one week!

Great app

Sean filly

It’s my go to app to make things quick to fit for Instagram. I’ve used it for years never had a problem

Forced “free trial”?

Wendy S.C.

I used to love this app for making pictures fit to Instagram, but as soon as the free trial (I HAD TO subscribe to in order to save my picture) is over, so are the days of me using this app. You don’t even have the option to cancel until the 7 free days are up, but if the developers think I’m going to forget to cancel & pay $4.99 a month for an app, they’re wrong.



Great app