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InstaSize is the best and easy way to edit and post entire photos and videos. Use professional film inspired filters, localized creative stickers and borders, perfect touch-up adjustments, and unique collage frames. The professional editing you need to create and share beautiful photos and videos.
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Photo & Video Free Instasize Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

» Edit photos and videos like a pro with photographer designed free filter effects.
» Download fun and cute localized stickers and stamps.
» Modify saturation, tint, and warmth.
» Adjust brightness, contrast, shadows, and highlights.

» Add text to create your own caption or meme.
» Be creative with collage frames, overlays, and backgrounds.
» Focus and intensify your photo with vignette.
» Share photos and videos to any service including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Email.
» High resolution output on saved images

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wouldn’t let me access the free version of the app

I downloaded the app so I could crop my photos. After it finished downloading, I clicked “Get started” and it instantly asks me to subscribe to the Premium features, and I didn’t want to because I wanted to use the free version. But there was no access out of it, and even if I tried, it would still tell me to buy it. Fix your app.


The app works perfectly fine, just stop asking me to subscribe to the premium version every 5 seconds. Can’t even click a button without the page popping up, sometimes the AppStore purchase pop up comes up with out me even touching anything. If I have to click out of your pop up 10 times to add borders to 1 picture, it’s too much. Just not worth the annoyance.

Closes on you

Used to love this app and use it all the time u til recently. It’s started closing the app in the middle of editing or trying to save the photo after editing and not deleting all progress resulting in me having to restart. Definitely gonna go find a new app this is so frustrating to deal with!

Completely unusable

You can’t even access the app without a paid membership anymore. The front page of the app is a Membership Purchase Page and you can’t close out of it. Any time you click anywhere on that page, it brings up the purchase popup. If you’re not careful, you can accidentally scan your fingerprint and get charged without consent. This app was good, but now I won’t use it again for being so shady.

Not the same

I had this app for years. Always loved it until they force subscription on you. The ad will pop up and you have no way around it. I’ll add it to my DO NOT download list now bc this is completely trash now.


What a terrible app. I hope you read this and are able to save yourself time. Whoever created this was on there very last brain cell and failed miserably. STAY AWAY!

Love it

Love it

the worst application in the world

this is the worst application i used in my life its awful its veryyyyyyyyyy badddd😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Blackened Widow

I am unable to use the app with out subscribing to a weekly subscription. It used to be an “x” at the top to exit out of subscription ad, now the add never leaves, I’ve re downloaded and restarted my phone several time. Please fix bug or let us know up front it’s no longer free.

Awesome app

Pretty helpful with editing picture size and it’s free. Many thanks!