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Instant Supercar adds a supercar soundtrack to your vehicle. Using the latest in motion sensing technology, Instant Supercar plays real supercar sounds synced with your journey making your clinky econobox sound like a roaring muscle car.
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Entertainment $1.99 Appartisan Limited iPhone, iPad, iPod

Appartisan's crack staff of audio engineers spent countless hours wiring supercars with advanced microphones and driving around really fast all so you could impress your girlfriend. It was awesome.

*6 hot cars, more recorded monthly
*Adrenaline rush from start to red-line
*100% authentic, custom recorded sounds
*Engine, exhaust, valve, & turbo sounds all realistically reproduced
*Play through your car's stereo
*Miles per hour and kilometer per hour display
*Simulated RPM gauge
*Works on public transit too, Supercharge your commute!

Note: Like all other iPhone apps that calculate speed, this app is limited by the hardware. iPhone can't tell the difference between the phone tilting and a change in the speed of your car.

What does this mean?

*The longer you use it, the more the calculated speed and sound will get out of sync with your car.

*Curves and hills confuse it. (Unlike the Stig)

However, Instant Supercar works great on straight line runs from a stop.

It works great on the subway from station to station.

It works great as you make quick changes in relative speed.

It will put a huge smile on your face!


Love It!
Sammy Ghosh

Me and my friends love this app. We walk around pretending like were packing a big motor... No pun intended.

Amazing app, love it

I and my husband were playing while we are driving. We had so much fun.

Not worth it
Pons Asinorum

This is a neat idea, but it is poorly executed. First, the sound is grainy and artificial, and the looping is very choppy. Second, the app is almost entirely incapable of sensing the car's motion. It seemed to behave almost randomly. I'm disappointed in myself for having spent money on this item — and I am forced to wonder whether the other raving, five-star reviews are astroturf. Don't take my word for it, though — notice that the infomercial on the app's website contains no demo and no samples of the sound.

A little hard to use, but not a bad app

I've seen it work on a car, but its tricky to get it to work right on public transportation. The speedometer is surprisingly accurate when you plot it down in your cup holder - just start from a static position - and fire it up. If you have a still place to put it, this app should work for you. Headphones will probably make the sound quality a bit better, I don't think the iPhone is meant to blast engine sounds.

Not worth it

I got suckered into buying this app... It is not worth it, all the sounds seems to come from a playstation game with only a hint of the actual car sound at the highest rpm. I think no matter the algorithm that is used it can't replicate the correct sound level regarding rpms... The only tool that actually effectively works is the soundracer (not an app) which uses a microphone to record the engine sound/noise to replicate the range of rpms.

Choppy Sound, Inaccurate, I Got Suckered.

The sound is very artificial, Choppy, and Grainy. I really got suckered here. There are free apps on here that are more useful and are of higher quality than this app. Even though it's $2.99, I'm head banging on the wall over here for spending it on this P.O.S app. The developer had a good idea but the quality of this app is just not worth it. Terrible execution.

Waste of Money

What can I say. This app, in its present form, is a waste of money. The programmers obviously studied programming, but not physics. An acceleratometer cannot tell if a car is at a stand-still or moving a constant 100 mph. Thus the app cannot replicate the engine noises. Plus the recording of the engine sounds is a single sound. It accelerates from a standstill and the rpm just steadily increases. When the app "shifts", the sound just starts from the beginning - nothing like a real car sound. Don't waste your money on this app until they improve it and make it more realistic. Or heehee, save your money and buy a real supercar!

Sound needs fixing but accelerometer is fairly accurate

I agree with some of the other reviewers that the sound needs some tweaking but driving around on a really bumpy new york city side road, I found the accelerometer calculation to be fairly accurate. Still loads of fun. Hope the next release will fix the sound.

Tons of fun!

Makes you feel giddy driving around with your car sounding like a Porsche 911. I plugged my 3GS into the aux in jack of the car and pumped up the volume. If only my audio system had more bass! New Rev button is hilarious.

Love it!

I love driving around with this. My friends and I ride around town with this and definitely garners some attention ;)