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What happened to minute long videos

Goodbye insta:( your dumb

I have the most recent updated version of Instagram and a couple weeks ago I could post 1 minute long videos and also clip videos together and now I can't what's wrong?

No Update Pls


Well I don't like the update at all but it's a great way to interact with people you miss or just to talk. The only good part about the update is the picture of it on your screen because it is so cool. So that is what I have to say. One more thing, I don't get how on my IPad it won't let my post things so please fix that.?

Logo stinks

Ticked Farmer 1234567899

See the above






Easy and fun to use

Needs more options


I like the new look, it's clean, it's flat, and it's consistent with the other Instagram apps. However, I truly dislike the algorithm. Instead of forcing us to use it, we should have the option to toggle back to chronological order. Between this and all the adds I have to suffer through, I'm wondering if Instagram is now past its prime. Like an aging athlete, it's still good but closer to retirement than a championship.


Caleb Larson

Whenever I comment on a person's photo, it comment blocks me for no reason. Fix this NOW!!


Joey C P


I like the app, but...


I can live with the ugly new icon, but I took off stars for these 5 things: 1. There is no iPad-specific app. 2. Search shows things I never want to see. 3. We cannot zoom in on photos. 4. Videos cannot be paused. 5. Comments cannot be edited. --

Shut up about the new look.

The Business Creeper

Literally EVERYTHING is fine. I haven't had a SINGLE issue. If the new interface hurts your eyes then durn down the brightness. It's that easy. If it still hurts your eyes then get them checked. The white is literally the f***ing same as the white before. You're all just butthurt that they changed the logo to something that looks more current. Grow up. The app still works the same. Nothing's changed. Get real or log off.