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no satisfecha

deberian de mejorar cuando guardamos la musica en una 2da cuenta , ya que no sale ninguna musica en el buscador .. pues si tienes 2 cuentas abiertas no puedes buscar musicas de tu preferencia el sistema no te deja.. de hecho ya no te muestra la que tienes guardadas buuuuhhhh

Pinch and zoom


I used to hate a platform that relied on photos that didn’t have a pop out magnified image of their content. Punch and zoom was and is genius. It’s just enough detail to elaborate and just enough lacking detail to incorporate your audience. Analogue brother.

Poor customers service


The worrest customer service ever seen !!! If you have any problem related to advertising or any questions you want some one to replay they don’t reply at all ,, also they have very bad strategy that they are controlling your amount when you make any advertising like same post I boosted in two different accounts with same amount , the old account that I pent a lot before reach to 349 and the new one reach to 1400 !!! Once you take copy and send to them to report problem they don’t reply and they don’t care



why cant i change my name more than twice every two weeks? it’s honestly a sucky feature that’s there for basically no apparent reason other than to piss people off.



adding new features that no one asked for or needed while letting bugs get worse and let the app become unusable for regular users is really classy

Add my instagram story music features

Polok Ahmed

hello Instagram I'm your daily user I love to self Instagram I am from United States I cannot get my Instagram Story music features please add music features in my Instagram story as soon as possible

I can’t log in


I’m having trouble logging in… keeps saying error please wait a few minutes before you try again…! And when I try to change my password it says feedback needed???? Can anyone help



Can u guys make a feature where u can change from close friends back to public even after posting.. and pls allow us to delet the account status to I can see something really bad but it won’t let me delet and I have my Personal reasons behind it pls and thank you!!

its bad

alireza tavousi

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