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Music Function?


I updated the app but I don’t see the Music button on my Instastory. Why?? 🤷🏼‍♀️


Ackerly Parker

Instagram hasn’t worked since August 13th 2018, and it is now August 16th 2018. I cannot sign into my accounts, I cannot create a new one, some of my posts on both my story and my account will not upload, and more often than not I cannot send photos via dm. This is an issue I’ve had not only on my iPhone, but on various family member’s devices as well. I deleted the app and the redownloaded it in hopes that maybe then it would work, but now I’m completely locked out of my accounts! If I attempt to sign in it says “sorry there was a problem with your request” and if I try and make a new account it tells me I have violated some sort of Instagram legal regulation. FIX THIS ASAP PLEASE! -An unhappy user.

لابد تَحُطُّون تقيد المحتوى والمقاطع الاباحية تحذفونه من الانستقرام

فاعل خير١١

لابد تَحُطُّون تقيد المحتوى والمقاطع الاباحية تحذفونه من الانستقرام وتلغون الحسابات الوهميه الي

Needs to improve bug fixes


Every time I try to refresh my feed it never does and videos never load , and it gets overwhelming.

Music problem

Vivian Mun.

Really love the app, but I’m never able to hear the music in stories anymore. I did before, but now it just says it’s not available in my region.



I love this IG popular my life 💯💯💯💯❤️❤️

Help me please


Less GOO More ANIMALS Please and thank you



Ok so I just don’t like that I have to download another app just to repost someone’s post. There should be away or a button to repost on instagram. Fix it.

Less commercials and chronological timeline

B Agave

Bring back the original timeline ‼️



Se pone lento😡