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Awesome 😎

Cool but just two lil’ requests


Can you please add a thing to see how many likes your comments get? And like also show the most liked comment or something? I think that would be rlly cool bc ppl will get a lot of likes on a comment and not even realize. Also can you please have an area to see accounts that don’t follow back? Thank you for your time.

Instagram is broken basically...


So Instagram is broken I guess whenever I go into it even if it is working it still always shows that I don’t have internet even tho I do and says couldn’t refresh feed it still loads a lot of stuff but not all the way and it broke completely now I tried to login and everything is black nothing is loading. And whenever I try to upload something it takes like 10 times tell it does and whenever I try to upload something on my story it takes forever and then it will still say I’m loading and then all of the sudden it will show it uploaded and show the ppl who have viewed it it’s a great app but many bugs that need to be fixed plz try to fix this.






I just love this app

Best Social Platform!


My favorite social media platform. There are so many awesome fitness profiles that helped me get started on my fitness goals . Now I am able to share my fitness journey and help so many people reach their goals too .



Update where? Because IG always glitching and I still haven’t gotten the new update .

Remove the sliding crap


I’m just tryna casually tap on the stories Nd I end up sliding on some body story y’all need a warning for tha cus now I gotta tell tha mf tha Ian mean to do tha Nd do yk how embarrassing tha is like honestly remove it

I’m upset with the newer updates


I constantly get blocked from actions because I’m assumed to be a spam account because I literally spend too much time on here, especially since quarantine I’ve got nothing to do, Instagram went really downhill please fix it!

Fix the editing problem and views for old videos please


Why can’t u edit after you write something and post it I mean what’s the big deal in not being able to do that sometimes you misspelled the word or you put the wrong word by accident and you can’t edit to change it I mean why does Instagram not allow for that.I remember in the beginning Instagram use to allow for u to do that now it doesn’t will this ever change it should because I am pretty sure sure I am not the only one who wants to make a change after spelling something and many times I don’t feel like rewriting everything.Also why is it that on older videos that I have posted I can’t see my total views no more for example if I had a thousand views on those videos all I could see that the vid has only like 8 views on their why is that did u guys make it to be like that or is it something that needs to be fixed please fix this.