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I’m having trouble with my stories … I’m not able to put music because it’s now coming out.

Can you fix this


When I go to Instagram nothing loads and jus put me in a white screen

Facebook is probably not good for society


Every year it just gets worse, and since they feel milk badgering me every 5 minutes to review them, I guess I’ll give them what they want


Melina Be Creations

I am disappointed to see what Instagram has become. I used to love seeing beautiful photography. Now it seems to be all about the hype, videos,…

Dale me son

Yellowstone 8

I just thought I would see what it is all about ???‍⬛?‍♀️

Put back the black music option


You guys used to have the transparent/lowered opacity black music option but now you don’t. I don’t see why you need to delete it as it’s useless to delete it.

Story Section


Before these Latest Version In My Story Section for Music it was a Option (Only Music) so it removes Name or Title of the Music [iOS] But now there is not any Option that removes Name or Title of the Music

Music for stories not working properly

Justin lol hshaaas

The music for stories is not working properly

Luh ayden

luh aysrn

Lub ayden

My account is acting weird.


My account is telling me it’s been disabled, but I see no notices, or why it happened. I’ve had this account since Instagram first launched, never had an issue till now.