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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

I can’t go live

norwich kid

The little live button is gone and I can’t go live, I’ve tried to make new accounts but it still won’t let me and all my friends can. And it’s quite boring

I miss the old Instagram

i miss the old instagram

I miss the old Instagram.

Downgraded over the years


This app has really downgraded over the years! It used to be a fun app to socialize with your friends but now it is being ruined by the greedy people who run Instagram trying to make money! You guys have changed all the locations and it’s hard to navigate the app because half of the tabs are only there so Instagram can make you buy something !

Stop auto playing reels

iReview 5

Stop auto playing reels with sound on. It’s disruptive, frustrating and annoying. I’ll remove the 1 star if you fix it.



The app is great but I’m trying to get the vanish mode working and it’s not at all. I updated the app and updated my phone but it’s still not working. What’s going on??



I love Instagram



I’ve been using Instagram since 7th grade. I didn’t have a problem with it until I got my iPhone. My notifications don’t work. I have all of the settings turned on. Like it’s not working and idk how to fix it

Not great


The algorithms work against any logic or reason. The amount of censorship that is displayed on this platform is just WRONG. STOP painting anyone with conservative views as the sins of the world. The so called “good guy” left has become TOXIC. Use this platform to help UNIFY. Set the example!

Apostle Dominic Edward


GOD IS REAL. This is my verse according to PROPHET MOSES he was told that GOD IS WHO HE IS / I AM WHO I AM go tell my Israelites / my people

New update


I have been trying to get the new Instagram update which integrates Facebook messenger with it but for some reason I am not able to do it. I have raised the issue multiple times in the "report a problem" section of the app but no use so far.