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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Bug City


Bugs, bugs, bugs. Can’t save drafts, can’t post with multiple images, fails constantly, never shows up in my feed. Huge issues, please fix.

So many bugs and bull crap


So I try to follow some friends and every time I tap follow it’s says following for half a second then follow appears again and by the way this with every person I try to follow it’s annoying please fix this bug

updates make the app worse

yarisbel looez

Why is the app getting worse instead of improving ?? back camera flash is not working anymore


Its great. but...

i have been a loyal customer with instagram for a long time. i’ve had zero problems with the app, until recently. anytime i would report an account clearly breaking guidelines, instagram would come back and say everything was okay with the account. AND an account i run got shut down because i was apparently breaking guidelines. i made sure i was keeping everything clean and following guidelines. but i got reported twice and the account was disabled. i have yet to hear anything back from instagram. i have tried to fix this but nothing is working. i’m sure there are other things i just can’t think of right now.


P.S. Woah

Why can’t I download Instagram on my phone without billing info

Love instagram

Val Caruso

Just on question, everyone is doing the thing where they can ask you any question on your story and I keep trying to do it but I don’t have it even though I’m fully updated on Instagram. I just updated it yesterday. I NEED AN ANSWER NOW BECAUSE I STILL CANNOT DO THE QUESTION THING ON MY STORY. I Press the button of where it should be and it just doesn’t show up where it should. My friends show me where it should be and it’s not there. PLS HELP ME FIX IT!!!!!!!!

No support if account and app is hacked!


Be warned! There is absolutely no support for if and when your account gets hacked. I have tried submitting a form through the “help center”, but have not received a response. It’s all “self help links”, and there’s no one to contact for help when needed.



Cool app

we don’t need new features


Instagram obviously is a great app, and it is easy to share photos. BUT, recently there have been a lot of glitches. When I go to make a poll or one of the other features on my story it does bot show up. I try searching it but no results.



I love the app in general but there’s a certain feature that everyone has and I don’t. I created a spam account to see if it was just my app or my phone but even that account doesn’t have it. I’m confused as to why it’s almost the end of August and I don’t have the questions sticker in my Instagram story! Someone please help me