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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.



I don’t have the poll feature and many other features on my account.

Crashing a lot lately

JS 80$$

IG is having a tough time launching on my iPhone



Where is the collection icon?!!!! It’s disappeared after update!!!!

The best ever

Minty pusheen MJ

This app has amazing content you can call your freinds video chat etc. and follow and communicate easily I deffenently recommend this app!

Fix bugs


Flash glitches on the camera Posts glitches after each comment Instagram needs to improve 💯

Facebook and Instagram are becoming too similar.

Zipp ity

Instagram keeps pushing out these new features down everyone's throat. And all these features just so happen to be similar to Facebook. Stop trying to make Instagram look like Facebook. Not to mention, there is no real support there's no way to contact, email, or phone, Instagram.



Like the updates. Support team is doing a great job.

Mejor app



please fix the key board glitch


whenever I try to type something on Instagram the keyboard goes above what I’m trying to write and it’s bothering me so much. Even if I close the app completely and reopen it it still does it. Other than that it’s a good app

Great app


Helps out a lot people with low self esteem