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Jazmin (BLM??)

Is good

changed my life


the world will never be the same

Update only made it harder to use

just an egg passing

First of all I love Instagram for its simplicity and used it for many years. These two years, maybe after Facebook taking over? This app gets more and more loaded like Facebook, you got the discover page, the shops, the reels and all the lives. It is OVERWHELMING! The main motive for me to leave this review is that, I actually like using reel compare to downloading Tiktok, however, there’s no way I can find my liked reels. I googled and found bunch of website tells me to find the ‘post I’ve liked’ under setting, but it is not there! I then find another newer article from 2022, which tells me to go to ‘activity’ and then ‘interaction’, which allow me to find post I’ve liked but not reels. Like please! Make it easier for people to use! Don’t tell me that ‘you could just save it and find it easier’, I don’t want to save it! What’s the point of my likes then? Just a number showing on others screen? I’m legit tilted after 15 minutes of googling and still can’t find the Pinocchio reel I liked yesterday


Just saying much love tho

I love the app but why does my picture quality get ruined everytime I post? please fix this issue

Só piora

léo calvão

A cada atualização o instagram só piora. Falta de segurança, stories de marcas sobressaem-se aos stories dos amigos. Algoritmo prioriza publicidade. Pesquisa ruim e navegação cada vez pior. Já foi uma rede social divertida. Se você reposta algum video da rede rival, é como jogar pedra na cruz. Uma lastimável.


i just need a nicname

My old account got hacked and I tried contacting support and Instagram has been no helped. I just want my old account back but no one will help me get it back. I tried calling the number for this app and no answer I tried calling about 6 times everyday and nothing.

Add Yours


Its showing on one account and the other one i use its not available..

Besides my issue overall the app is good


The app itself is overall great but its been two months of me reporting the same problem and i still havent been able to change my profile picture

Blocking me for no reason ?


Okay this might be all a misunderstanding but hear me instagram. I was temporarily banned from going live on multiple occasions. You guys said it was because I made a post that was taken down because of it’s going against the guidelines while on the contrary I’ve had no posts deleted. So what’s going on? I am a creator trying to grow a brand. Let me be great please and thank you for your time If a HUMAN actually reads this.


youngin.mele (

My account got deactivated for no reason no warning at all. Can I get it back