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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Nice app


Nice app only that the reels come and go



I loved how Instagram was 2-3 years ago! There were no ads whatsoever. And now it’s filled with ads, and who the heck moves the notification away and puts the shopping button in its place.. I get enough shopping ads on my stories ad if that weren’t enough. Instagram I would really appreciate if u can switch the notification / likes button back to its original area and remove the crappy shopping button out of there. I HATE IT! just shows Instagram is all about money , I don’t even like Instagram anymore.. Tiktok is my favorite app and the reasons I mentioned above is why!

My exposure


Instagram is great and no I just wish my post to get more exposure on the platform so that I can grow my music career my make up career and my overall career in general so Instagram if you see this please help my page get more exposure more flow of people and also thank you for the opportunity in general to be able to express myself and share my opinions and my moments in life that I cherish thank you for that and please help me get more exposure lol thank you



WHY ARE PEOPLE THAT I DONT FOLLOW SHOWING UP ON MY FEED. Literally 10 posts of people I follow(every 4th being an ad, also annoying) then it’s ALL suggested follows. Such crap. I hate this platform anymore.

Not giving me features


I updated and it doesn’t give me the new updated message features were you can swipe left and reply .

Do not update!

Ichigo Urahara

They changed everything for the worse and now posts from people I follow are lost but I get a lot of ads. It’s really bad and if they don’t improve this soon I’m going to delete it because there really won’t be a point to having it if I don’t see the posts from people I follow.

Destroy the algorithm and your fat phobic anti sex work prejudices.

who do you serve?

Equal visibility for all or you shall fail.

Barbara MK πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘ 

Saybrook BMK

Great way to reconnect 🏑🏑🏑and Friends β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘ 

bad support


i’ve been reporting multiple times that my music selections does not work and there was been no response no nothing to solve this issue. customer support is so pointless since they’re offering 0 help. Please fix this issue instagram

Was good but then...


Moving the main navigation like what happened in a new update was TERRIBLE! It is now SO ANNOYING to get to the notifications screen, which i daresay is the most used area asid from your personal feed. I wanted to add that the appeal of Instagram, was the fact that it WASN’T like typical social media. It was SIMPLE. It was easy to use, was a system of likes and shares. every new update after the direct messaging was added, has been FRUSTRATING, anti- user experience, and quite frankly sometimes makes me spitting MAD! What you have done with the algorithm is HORRIBLE. There are so many posts from people I follow, that I just do not see! And now the algorithm is WORSE??