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Instagram is free iOS app published by Instagram, Inc.

Ads, Suggested accounts


I’m tired of seeing so many ads, and posts from accounts I don’t follow. It’s annoying that the suggested accounts to follow is like every other post. I don’t care about them. Argh!!


Sugur crush

I can’t view any comments on my own posts or posts I’ve commented on even though I get the notification that they’re there

Too many films lose the artistic elements


I enjoy documenting my food on IG. It was nice and simple to post photos. But recently these photos kind of being pushed back and you see tons of videos which is very annoying. I prefer the art of the photo and the simplicity of it. But if you don’t do film now, your photo just kind of disappeared


It was a waste of time

This app is the best I made so many friends and so many orders!

Followers issue

janettee rara

I’ve been complaining I can’t follow my followers back , still hasn’t been fixed



Won’t let me follow ppl back fix the bug please I can’t follow anyone back idk why going on !but other than that love Instagram!



Just like anything in moderation - if you do it right you can really have fun


Baby Girl ????

What the heck is wrong with Instagram dagone app.??? For you all to be holding a durn 4 star ? something app; it sure as heck DONT act like it. This instagram app has more issues than it is working right. Stupid app keeps freezing ? everyday, takes forever to upload, blanks out for no reason (and my phone ? or iOS is not the reason)!!!! ?? It takes forever to get to another page. Like what the heck are y’all doing .????? DO BETTER.....!!!!?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?

La mejor app


La mejor app

Me encanta

Dr Sanjuanelo

Instagram es lo maximo