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I know I’m not the only one that struggles with this but please fix the few bugs this app has instead of adding new features. Since I’ve downloaded it every time I try to message someone I have to wait for the message to type out to send it then I have to close the app and reopen it again to send another short message and it takes me at times an hour to and even the shortest of messages and I’m not the only one it’s only with Instagram. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with it and if there’s a way to fix it please help me. Otherwise I like the app

Question filter

jackie ambriz

I have send multiple complaints about this but for some reason mine & only my Instagram account doesn’t get the questions filter and I don’t know why.. so please fix these bugs, as I am an unhappy user


Non Yo Buisness...

I’ve been waiting over a month and I’m still missing the Questions feature...



Best app ever but I need help. It will not let me take poles or let me use the ask me a question thing and I really would like to use it plz fix this

Night mode pls


For the occasional sleepless night

Low Star Rate


The reason for the low Star Rate is because I don’t have the Poll, Slider, Questions and the Shared With sticker on my account. I tried searching up how to get it and still couldn’t get it on my account. PLEASE TRY TO FIX THAT PROBLEM PLEASE!!!!!



Updated the app and since I haven’t been able to pin text to my videos. I do a lot of comedy related things with this feature and I am now unable to do so pls return this feature ASAP

Autoplay videos

Pouya dlt

Please just add an option to stop videos from playin automatically. I turned on “use less data” but it still plays videos automatically. Just fix it please.

Use it everyday


Everyday I use it


Mohd ape

The interstitial is not compatible with the dimensions of the iPad should work dimensions to the iPad